Be Kind to Your Web-footed Friends!


I agree with this completely because I am so grateful for you, my web-friends! (Please click to enlarge.


As 2013 draws to a close, I want to express my gratitude to this wonderful wordpress community that I became a part of almost a year and a half ago.

DSC08601 (1)

Blogging is such a blast! I have formed important and meaningful friendships with intelligent, creative and interesting people from all over the world! People like you! Now when I travel, I have blogger friends in every country I visit. How cool is this?


I love to read and look at your blogs! They are the bulk of what I read these days and I am a prolific reader. Your blogs move me, crack me up, inform me, sometmes make me cry, and always impress me with your talent and creativity. Books have paled for me now that I am reading such fresh, different, and creative blogs, on a daily basis. Thank you for your posts, I so enjoy reading them.

I am grateful for all the awards you have honored me with. I deeply appreciate the thoughtfulness behind each one. I don’t pass them on because I cannot pick “favorite” blogs from all the blogs I follow. Please know that if I follow you, I think your blog is worthy of every award, and I hereby pass them all on to you, Blog of the Year, and every other one, on down the line. You are awarded each one.


I am so grateful for the  encouragment, support and friendship I receive from so many wonderful bloggers. I would never have continued blogging, if it weren’t for the incredible supportive community I have become a part of here at wordpress. You rock!

DSC08526 (1)

I have gotten more serious about my photography hobby because of your steady encouragement. I even entered The Nature Conservancy’s, 2014 Calendar contest because a blogger suggested I should, and I made it to the final round which shocked the beejeezus out of me! I owe this to the encouragement I have received from you!


Thank you for a rocking 2013!


I greatly look forward to 2014!


May health, happiness and good cheer be yours this holiday and in the coming year.

Cheers to you and thank you!

170 thoughts on “Be Kind to Your Web-footed Friends!

  1. I’m sorry, I hit post before I was finished! I love the first image with the geese showing affection, truly magnificent. The flower images are gorges as well with sharpness and detail and full of color. Beautiful work Cindy.

  2. Beautiful pictures and congratulations for your pictures getting into the final round. Yea!!!

    Thank you for your good wishes and may those go back to you as well. Happy blogging.

    (I like the “web-footed friends”).

  3. Beautiful photos as usual Cindy. They really sing. Thank you for your wonderful blog and the journeys you takes us on at the Holler and beyond. Happy Holidays.

  4. Lovely post and your photography is stunning. So I’m sure the fact you made it to the finals doesn’t surprise any of us. This blogging community indeed rocks. Over the past few months, I’ve met up with eight different fellow bloggers. It’s been a blast. Happy holidays to you!

        1. That is the best ulterior motive in the world! Absolutely none! You know I love your blog too and it’s not just because I need a tiara…..for formal events here at The Holler. Cheers to you & thank you~

  5. Cindy,
    You have added a new dimension to blogging. Your travels take us places that we would never see and your photographic work is excellent. And on top of all that you take your valuable time to answer each and every comment that we post on your blog.
    You have a special way with people and that makes them have a special fondness for your humanness – – – which a lot of us lack.
    So thank you for being a great blogger. In fact I would say a blogger’s blogger. We should all aspire to be like you.
    Thanks for being a remote friend,
    PS: I still think you should publish a coffee table book of your photographs.

  6. Cindy, what a wonderful tribute to your fellow bloggers and what beautiful picture gifts! Can I take that Bird of Paradise flower home with me, oh and the yellow spotted flower diva as well? Absolutely gorgeous.

  7. I’m grateful to be your follower, Cindy! You have brought so much joy to us, through your exquisite photos. Can’t thank you enough…
    Merry Christmas and Happy 2014 (if I don’t see you before the end of the year.)

  8. How lovely is this! It is I who should be thanking you for the rich photographs that come my way via your blog! It’s a pleasure knowing someone who has an eye for beauty and the skill to capture it. Congratulations on being a finalist in the Nature Conservancy’s calendar competition. Best wishes for wonderful holidays ahead and a great new year. Please keep blogging!

  9. Such exciting news about your photos! Truly well deserved. At the risk of sounding disingenuous, your posts are like presents to receive! Always beautiful and cheery.
    Many thanks to you. xXx

  10. That was beautiful, in every sense of the word. Your pictures are amazing and your work deserves to be seen by everyone. Your blog is wonderful and I look forward to your posts every day…hoping one will be on my Reader, so I can see all the fabulous photographs and read your stories. 🙂

  11. Cindy, thank you for your kind words. I love your blog with your so beautiful photography. Your posts are giving me great joy. I started my blog not too long ago and I can say, it has been a very rewarding experience for me also. Have met many wonderful people. You are one of them.
    Let’s create a happy 2014 for all of us. Hugs! Veraiconica

  12. A big thank you to you too, Cindy! For your wonderful blog and amazing photographs, and for your kindness and encouragement. I’m so happy to have ‘met’ you here! Cheers!

  13. Thank you Cindy for bringing us beauty from every corner of the world. You find the great big scenes and the quiet small ones we would miss. You’ve brought compassion and love through your words and photographs – you deserve much praise and applauds. But most of all, it’s a big thanks from me for following my blog and being who you are! Thank you for such a heartfelt note, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  14. Cindy, this was such a lovely post, with such amazing photography! You are very talented and should not be surprised at all that you made it to the finals in the calendar contest.

    I echo your comments about the support of the blogging community…I have only been here a couple of months, but the support has been astounding!

    Cheers to you for the holidays and I look forward to your work in the new year.

  15. Here’s to a rocking 2014, Cindy! 🙂 I always mean to write one of these year-ending posts but before I’ve gotten round to it, it’s been and gone. Thank you for saying it so nicely for me.

  16. Great pictures and here’s to another year and a half of happy blogging, Cindy! I’m no expert, but I can definitely tell the progress you’ve made in your photography. Always uplifting to read your post 🙂

  17. Thanks for your warm and kinds words. So glad that you visit and enjoy my posts. That’s what writers live for. You are a fantastic photographer, and I will say that when I open my reader and see that there is a post from you, my initial reaction is, ‘Oh, good, it’s Cindy. Now my eyes will be in for a treat…’ My best wishes for a great new year to you and your family.

  18. Liebe Cindy das sind ja Traumhafte Blumen einfach wunderschön super fotografiert mit so wundervollen Blumen da kann ich nicht mithalten deine Blumen einfach umwerfend viele liebe Grüße Klaus

  19. Cindy! You are so well worth every success! Your photos are absolutely amazing and you always take time to say something kind, even if you surely are very busy. All the best to you!

  20. more awesome photos Cindy…congrats on making it to the final round of the photo contest! Don’t understand why you didn’t win!!! All the best to you and yours through out the holiday season and in 2014!

    1. I understand, the others were probably professional nature photographers, or if amateurs, they had a lot more experience. I am a retired shrink and a photographic newbie! I was stoked to make it to the final round! Happy Holidays to you and yours Heather and keep on clicking~

  21. I hope you win–and i am not a bit surprised! Amazing how a person can’t see their talents…makes me worried that i can see mine..hehehe…

    What a great post. If this is the heart of you–then that is the art of you. Plus birdeez are spectacu-licious in full size.

    You are world class good, i think. 🙂

  22. Thank you for the kind words for all of us! You bring the world to us through your photographs. Congratulations on the calendar contest! I look forward to more of your posts in 2014! Best wishes from a web friend!

  23. Thank you Cindy, your comments in this post mirror my feelings for the wonderful WP community. Your posts are a stand-out in the blogosphere and I’m honoured to be part of your community.
    I look forward to more amazing photos from you in 2014.

  24. Woohoo – congrats I know your pics will be featured in the calendar…fingers crossed…toes crossed…eyes crossed…ouch that hurts…uncrossing the eyes because I know they will pick you!

    1. When I posted this I knew I didn’t make the calendar, but I was SO jazzed to make it to the final round! But if you keep your eyes crossed, I might make it for the next year!!! lol! Don’t do it! They might stick! Happy Friday to you my friend~

  25. Cindy i will be looking at the posts that comment on your post.
    Because they have good taste.and thank you for including me as a friend.
    I may forget names but faces and places I really forget.
    Because I am a visual person always looking at pictures and photoe.
    Your photoes are a pleasure to my eyes.

      1. You and Pauline I beleive would be an invincible team.
        I will leave the arrangements to you and Pauline. Let her know your plans as I just go with the flow.Seasons greatings from Jack and Pauline.

      2. Deal! We are looking at traveling from Auz through the lesser seen parts of the South Pacific returning either to Auz or NZ. Once we know, Pauline will be the first to know. Would love to meet you two~

  26. Cindy, your blog is more than just a blog but a portal. I leave your blog feeling like a traveler (without the jet lag and the packing). Always something joyful, if not educational, that makes a pleasant trip. Thank you always for sharing your wonderful talent! Best wishes in the new year!

    1. This is such an eloquently written and lovely comment that makes me feel so honored! Thank you my wonderful friend! I am so pleased to know you & cheers to you and I am so glad you come with me on my adventures. You are great to travel with!

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