Hawk Headed Parrot!


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Isn’t this guy gorgeous? It took me awhile to find out what he was. Thank you google. The unique Hawk-headed Parrot is the only member of it’s own genus, Deroptyus. It has unusual elongated feathers on it’s neck that it can raise in a frill or fan when threatened. It is, for this reason, also sometimes referred to as a Fan-headed Parrot. You can see these long red and blue feathers in the shot below.


It is a fruitivore that lives in The Amazon Basin.

Reportedly, HH Parrots are prone to be stubborn, ill-tempered, and even aggressive at times as pets.


Maybe they prefer hanging out in the Amazon to being pets. Who can blame them? I’ve been to The Amazon, and if I were a parrot I would much rather be there than in a cage in someone’s house.


This guy wasn’t threatened or ill-tempered at all however, and I couldn’t get him to raise so much as a feather for a shot. He probably likes the huge multi-level Owen’s Aviary at the San Diego Zoo and has never even been to the Amazon. If he ever saw it though, I bet he’d fly off in shot and never look back. There is nothing like seeing incredible birds like this in the wild!

To see what he looks like with his frill raised like a hawk, check out:


Cheers to you from the happy, well-tempered Hawk-head, at the Owen’s Aviary

119 thoughts on “Hawk Headed Parrot!

  1. Never heard of or seen such a bird. If I didn’t see this – I wouldn’t believe there was such a creature. Thanks for sharing this unique finding with us!

  2. I LOVE that second photo. It’s almost as if he’s saying “you lookin’ at me?” 😀 Beautiful bird that seems content in his very spacious environment. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos!

    1. This is the third time I have commented on your wonderful mashups! Where are my comments going!! I love your mashups and think they should be in an invasion of the mashups movie!!!

  3. Wow what a beautiful parrot! I love the look he has in second pic! That beak looks wicked! I wouldn’t want him mad at me!! Fantastic colors!!

    1. No I wouldn’t want to deal with an angry parrot either, the literature said, owners must be firm with a good knowledge of parrot body languagle, but I immediately wondered, how does one act firm with a parrot????

  4. So cool, the head of the parrot just exactly likes the name. Hmm, long time back perhaps a parrot and a hawk decided to stay together. HH parrots have the traits of both 🙂

    1. I agree…..do you have any idea how hard it was to find out what he was? I started with googling green parrot, red blue strips, brown white head feathers……it took me quite awhile to find him, but I knew he was unusual and worth it! So happy you appreciate him~

    1. Thank you my friend and I very much picked up on the intelligent eyes. Parrots have remarkable abilities, when we use the term “bird-brained” it should refer to intelligence!

    1. You crack me up. You have told me about this guy several times…..you said he would look at you with red-tailed hawk eyes! Sounds like a wonderful man….just the type that makes you happy to retire!

  5. The bird looks so “cool” in the 2nd photo, and then it looks so cheerful on the 4th one.
    I wonder if it took some acting classes. It is good in giving different expressions. 😀

  6. That is just nutty! I wonder what natural imperative dictated that type of coloration…and wow! The Amazon! Cindy! You must post–or if you have already–you must link me. I imagine that is Avatar–the movie–good!!

    Staggeringly gorgeous shots, and eye opening, as well.

    1. Awwwww, so appreciated my friend! He seemed to have wisdom and a tad of haughtiness to go with his looks too! Apparently the breed can be aggressive. What do you mean post and link you?

      1. der-de-der…maybe i shouldn’t have re-phrased that particular standby–I mean, to copy and paste a link to a previous article you might have written–pictorial, natch–about your travels to the rainforests…and/or the multi-conglomerate bookstore inna clouds…lo lo lo…;)

  7. It is quite amazing how birds can twist their heads around. I’m not sure if I could live with the huge insects in the Amazon…but maybe if I had a parrot companion like your friend here!

    We are having our first significant snow for our area. Though I know others states have been ‘swamped’… glad I got out early to ‘stock up’. Though it’s mostly just me for a bit (and well my ‘grands’ during the day during the week. Wish I had my snow blower ready, alas the shovel will have to do. If it does get ‘out of hand’ I can get my sons to help. But if I pace myself I think I’ll be able to manage.

    Cheers to you!

    1. Great to hear from you Jules! I am so happy to have explored The Amazon, but the bugs were simply INSANE! I have and will never see anything like them again. Still it was gorgeous, and their were parrots, and pink dolphins and all sorts of magnificient flowers. Heaven except for the bugs! But one thing there were none of was snow! We are heading to Tahoe for XMAS and meeting up with the family to ski…..I have to have a snow experience at least once a year. Happy Holidays my friend!

      1. Best to you and yours. Watching the grands cuts back on visit times…but I think of you often. Enjoy your ‘Holly Days!’

        Closest I think I’ll ever get to the Amazon was the ‘rain forest’ of Maui. 🙂

  8. Liebe Cindy ich danke dir für die wundervollen Fotos es ist immer wieder schön diese tollen Fotos anzusehen einen gemütlichen Dienstag wünsche ich dir Klaus

  9. He’s a beautiful bird. It’s beak is like our conure, but a he’s little more colored like our Eclectus Parrot. He has a more feathers than our Eclectus Parrot, but our Eclectus is a rescue bird and recovering from years of neglect.

      1. A conure is like having a perpetual 2 year old. Sun Conures are supposed to have good temperaments and quiet dispositions. Our Gold Cap Conure has gotten territorial over some areas and can be quite noisy. But he’s clever and a lot of fun. We’ve had him over 20 years now.

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