Plants of The Mojave II: The Anneberg Gardens~

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There are reflecting ponds everywhere.

Sunnylands, the former Annenberg estate in Palm Springs California, is now open for public tours. The 200 acre desert estate consists of 9 acres of formally designed desert landscape, with 53,000 drought tolerant plants. Join me for a tour.

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Sunnylands was designed by landscape architect James Burnett at the behest of Leonore Annenberg. It was modeled after Van Gogh’s 1889 painting, Olive Trees.


The gardens are laid out in a precise geometric grid and are completely flat. This would not be my choice for a desert garden, as I prefer the rolling, random-look, of natural desert landscapes, but the effect are sometimes striking.


The garden was designed with plants selected so that something would be blooming year round.


An amazing variety of of desert plants are growing here.


And despite the geometric-grid design, there is the peaceful feel of the Impressionists here.


Cheers to you from Sunnylands.

123 thoughts on “Plants of The Mojave II: The Anneberg Gardens~

  1. Why do people want to grow things on Mars when the Earth does this all by itself ? That’s the biggest asparagus I’ve ever seen 😉 . And, very well shot as always. 🙂

    1. Yes they do and there are various types of trifid like plants growing in the desert. I took some photos of some interesting ones in bloom with little yellow daisy like flowers! Clever observation~

    1. Oh Judy!! Hugz to you and thank you!! Hope life is treating you very well my dear friend! I will need to agonize through your ethereal cupcakes to pick our TG treats. Your recipes will be handed down my family for generations!! Cheers to you my friend~

  2. What a wonderful garden. I, too, am amazed by the asparagus type plants. Was there an edible cacti section? I feel certain that some of those cacti and their flowers must taste delicious.

  3. I always like your photos. Unfortunately, I have had too many cactus and thorns to enjoy them. In the meantime, I shall look forward to your next photo outing! 🙂

      1. Yes, but there are other things associated with them as well…
        Actually, they are stunning come summertime when they blossom. No doubt you have seen them in bloom.

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  5. No. We did look into it but it’s way beyond our budget, even the last minute half price deals, BUT . . . . . . we saw a colony of King penguins on the Chile side of Tierra del Fuego! Amazing, and we got quite close, and one of them walked right towards us. Tomorrow a trip to Martillo Island to walk among the Magellanic penguins, and the next day a boat trip up and down the Beagle Channel.

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