Spanish Village Artists Colony!

The Spanish Village Artists Colony in San Diego’s Balboa Park is home to 37 artist studios. It was built in 1935-1936 for The California Pacific Exposition.


Many art guilds are housed here including woodcarvers, potters, art glass makers, sculptors, wood carvers and many more. Check it out:




The patio has free wi fi and it is such a relaxing place to hang out after visiting the Koi pond. It will offer you a Zen-like day.


And you might even come home with a prince!!

Cheers to you, bloggin and chillin in Spanish Village!

101 thoughts on “Spanish Village Artists Colony!

  1. I think I might like to LIVE there. Seriously. My art does not require studio space–but–living around other artists on a day to day basis could be very stimulating. Hmm. Thanks for wonderful glimpse.

  2. I would take home the ‘prince’ but I already have too many frogs that just mooch space!
    (Along with too many other ‘things’ – But then we like to be surrounded by that which makes us happy. While at a charity shop many years ago I got a wooden toy ‘Wobble Frog’. The kind you pull with a string whose back wheels are askew so he…she wobbles. Son of Son has enjoyed Grama’s Wobble Frog and dare I say many of Grama’s other toys!! πŸ™‚

    Adding to my dream location – live by fresh water one side, warm beach the other secluded yet within an artistic community…. I’m not asking for much am I?

  3. ha-ha–I should not have gone out of order! I see now this is indeed Balboa of SD–I so remember this shack!–and you have splashed all Nature’s palette across this post. So beautiful!! It is like visual candy, for sure. πŸ™‚

  4. We spent a long weekend in San Diego about half a dozen years ago. We trying to arrange time to get back. We stayed in a BnB just a couple of blocks from Balboa Park. Too much to see in a weekend!

  5. I have been to San Diego several times and have seen many of the cities parks and landmarks (such as the Old Town). I cannot remember if I have been to Balboa Park or not. Nonetheless, these are photos of a very cut, amusing place! πŸ˜€

    1. It is wonderful. Any place where you collect a bunch or artists has got to be great…..must be like a bloggers convention! I wonder if there is such a thing? If there is, we should go!

    1. At this stage in my life, I usually prefer looking at things than buying them. I’m not a recreational shopper, but I like looking at art. It is like Sedona! I just read about your parents wedding night a second ago!! What a wedding night! Wow~

    1. We all need lots of Zen days!!! I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your always thoughtful comments! You are a humble, kind and creative person, and I always look forward to reading your posts and comments. Thank you~

      1. Every time I hear anything outside that sounds like the mail truck I am peering out through the window blinds — I may be a little too excited, lol! I can’t say enough how you have really made a bright spot for me with your kindness!

    1. I agree with you!! Our creative abilities are what make our species special and these artists have created a lovely colony. Thank you for appreciating this! Cheers to you~

  6. I don’t know if it’s just my over-imaginative mind working here, but no sooner that your site popped up I immediately got the feel like I had just transformed from the dreary black and white farm in Kansas, to the magical color of Oz. I completely loved the colors in these pictures Cindy, down to the tile in front of the building done in multi colors. Once again, exquisite sweety! Just shared this.

    1. So kind of you!! Thank you. I agree with you, this is a special place and I love the colors. My daughter when to grad school with her now husband at KU. I fell in love with Kansas! The Victorian houses in Lawrence were to die for and KC was a happenin city! Cheers to you and thank you~

  7. Beautiful photos!! I was just reading on a somewhat similar post, just about travel I suppose, but also about all the beauty in the world that never seems to make it into the news (at least from my short glances at it…my heart is particularly sensitive to all the evil portrayed in the news, I have to be careful how much I ingest).

    Anyways, I love your post and photos and bio altogether ;0) So glad to be one of your blogging buddies!! In addition, THANK YOU for reading so many of my posts and liking so many too. I’m still a newbie I would say and need to get my blog organized, but your support has helped me to continue moving forward with it. So, thank you all around ;0) Hope your day is going well!!

    1. I think you are very wise to limit your consumption of mass media news. For sensitive people like you and I, the onslaught of horrific news is mind-numbing. I am so much happier since I started reading blogs instead. Bloggers may write about bad news, but they generally balance it with all the beautiful things in the world which the media does not. I also like the fact that it is direct communication from person to person, with no editors to squelch it.
      Your blog is wonderful and I appreciate your very thoughful comments.
      Cheers to you~

  8. Hi Cindy! wonderful post and pix… I’m really lucky to live near the French-Spanish border and to go to pittoresque Spain any time… I’m back from the amazing Westfjords, Iceland – another unique spot that I already miss…
    – – –
    My very best and have a great weekend! Cheers, MΓ©lanie

    1. Hi Melanie-
      Lucky you!! Who doesn’t love both Spain and France?? We are going to Iceland next year and I am looking so forward to seeing it. Thank you for your kind comments and cheers to you!

    1. We would have to investigate his background first to make sure he isn’t pulling a fast one. I hear this is a problem with frogs. They tend to claim to be princes~

  9. What a fun place! We just love San Diego. These colorful scenes just make me want to come back even sooner! ~Thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚ “December Nights” is calling me.

    1. I cannot believer how basically every time I visit your blog I am taken to a beach I am especially fond of somewhere in the world. Amazing synchronicity. Cheers & be well Jody~

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