The Baby Hummer Who Crashed Into Glass!


While busy reading your blogs, there was a very loud thwanking noise on the French doors next to me. I got up to see what it was and there was a juvenile hummingbird on the ground about 6 inches from the door. He was trembling violently and his right-wing was fully extended as if broken. I immediately closed one of your blogs (sorry about that) and googled what to do with a hummingbird who hits a window and breaks a wing. There was all sorts of advice from, “forget it he’s a goner,” to “pick him up and put his beak into the feeder,” to “pick him up and put him in a shoebox with a soft cloth and take him to an animal rescue provider.”
I didn’t like any of these suggestions. A juvenile hummingbird weighs less than a dime. I am like Gulliver the giant in the land of Lilliputians to this tiny hummingbird. If his wing was broken, which I thought it might be because he never retracted it, can you imagine how much I would hurt him by picking him up? Besides can you imagine how terrified he would be with a giant like me picking him up and sticking him in a box?
I have always preferred approaches with the least amount of intervention and trauma possible for both animals and humans, and I wasn’t going to change with this poor bird. So without opening the doors, I sat by him, and that was the extent of my intervention. He watched me intently and I held his eye contact steadily. This lasted for around 15 minutes. It was a remarkable experience. You have to remember that I am always around the hummingbirds and they are quite used to me. They fly inches from my head.
I was pretty sure that I was keeping this bird company as he died. His trembling convulsions got worse not better and he never retracted his extended wing. A raven was buzzing around and there was no way I was going to allow him near the baby hummer. So I waited. No change. I do know that hummingbirds need to drink every 15 minutes or so during the day and can die of starvation rapidly due to their rapid metabolisms. All the hummingbirds were in the bushes watching. Not one approached the feeder while this one lay injured. It was all quite still.
All of a sudden, with no preamble whatsoever, the hummingbird pulled in his wing, stood up and flew off to the oak tree where all the hummers hang out plotting their attacks on each other.
I was stunned. I went outside, saw him on the tree, and quickly came back inside because I knew he needed to make it to the feeder soon in order to recover.
An hour of so later I went to the feeder and took all these photos of him. He was absolutely unafraid of me and these are the closest, more detailed shots of a hummingbird I have gotten to date. You can see that he is a little worse for wear and still not completely fledged, but he is getting plenty of nectar.
His wing is fine.

Now is this a story with a happy ending or what?? Cheers to you from all The Holler hummers, and their happy human!

175 thoughts on “The Baby Hummer Who Crashed Into Glass!

    1. Awww! That is a credential I would love to have! I was pretty emotional too when I thought the baby hummer wouldn’t make it…. Thank you Linda and hugs to you my friend~

      1. Awww! So very kind! Thank you. I am honored and yes us nature lovers need to stick together because we are a silent tidal wave of conviction. I believe this a juvenile Anna’s hummingbird~

  1. Yes. Hummingbird whisperer! What a remarkable and beautiful story. Bowing down to you and your willingness and ability to sit with the broken one as long as needed. <3

    1. I was surprised by how upset I was and how helpless I felt, which of course must have been exactly how he was feeling only worse. Happy day when he flew away! I am not at all suprised that you completely understand. Thank you my friend~

    1. All creatures great and small! The hummingbirds are part of my daily life. Happy B’day to you and your mother in law my friend. May she enjoy her hundredth birthday. I know she will and so will you! Cheers to you both~

  2. I wonder if he was having a bad muscle spasm. That would make such a tiny body tremble. So glad he is ok. I hate seeing the suffering. It is amazing though how wildlife have such an ability to recover from things.

    1. Maybe shocked and stunned, and the trembling was a response. Yes suffering is so hard to watch, in all creatures. I can’t go fishing and neither can my children. I took them once. When my brother gutted the fish and the baby fish came out, my children refused to ever pick a rod again. I eat fish and I don’t judge/disapprove of fishing. It just isn’t fun for me because the fish are suffering.

  3. I am so glad he was alright!:) He trusted you to come so close and take such amazing photos. πŸ™‚ Thank you for liking my water color painting! Happy national girlfriends Day!!

    1. Cheers to you Cynthia and thank you!! Your paintings are remarkable so whats not to love! I didn’t know it was girlfriends day. Happy day to you girlfriend!!

    1. Yes!! If the situation had gone the other way, it certainly wouldn’t have been a post!. You are wonderful Fae! Cheers to you and I know your husband is a bird lover too!

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  5. Cheers to the baby hummer for his remarkable recovery. And more cheers to you for staying still and remaining the gentle giant providing solace and the nectar of the Gods. Life in your Holler is a fine thing.

  6. This is a wonderful story – i have seen birds get ‘stunned’ before. This little guy or gal is very luck to have had you near by to watch over him or her while he or she was getting their flight back. The pictures are just amazing.

  7. So glad you sat beside him I would have picked him up and held him πŸ™‚
    We have window crashers all the time a bit bigger than this wee one though we always hold them till they get their strength back so nothing makes a meal of them πŸ™

    You did your good deed and will be smiled down upon thanks Cindy!

      1. πŸ™‚

        When you live surrounded by nature soon enough you will learn what to do. Most say never go near wildlife and certainly never touch or interfere. I watched Mom and Dad nurse back to health many wild birds who feel from their nest and they were happy when when their Mom’s would come to the cage to feed them like they knew it was OK

        Shaking as this poor little hummer did would have had me running for a fluffy warm towel shock will take us out fast too πŸ™ I raised parakeets like I said and am not afraid of trying anything to save a life. I am glad your lived long enough to come to feeder for you to capture. I always smile when it comes to you HUGS

      2. That is interesting. We both raised birds. I bred and raised parakeets and cockatiels growning up. We never cease to find commonalities do we my friend!! I know you love your birds!

  8. What an extraordinary experience–I am so touched by your description of the event. Your instincts proved correct–mostly nature most heal itself. Nearby we have the Tri-State Bird Rescue Center, which is known around the world for its superb work. I use my garden as the source of nectar for the hummingbirds. My neighbor uses the feeders.

    1. I am always leery of good intentions creating unintended harmful consequences, so I am very happy it worked out as it did. This young hummingbird was so tiny, my handling it could have been more traumatizing. Thank you for your comments and your support. You, and your birds, are fortunate to live near a bird rescue facility!

  9. Cindy… what an absolutely inspiring experience. You captured it with beauty and style with your pen and camera. Your love of your hummingbirds was felt by this little “tyke”, and you gave him your heart, your comfort, your space so that he could regroup himself without fear and rejoin his friends in the trees. He gave you back stunning images of these beautiful birds!

    1. Gosh. You just summed it all up perfectly and beautifully! What sensitivity! And I do feel living out with nature 24/7, that birds and animals are so much more attuned to us than I ever knew, living in the city. Thank you Harold for your accurate reflection~

  10. beautiful shots as always…you know from the little I know of you from visiting here, it doesn’t surprise me in the least you would do such a wonderful thing for the Hummer baby…I’m sure you’ve made a friend forever…

  11. hi Cindy, that was so sweet of you to have been there for him, and doubly sweet of him to have posed for you to be able to take those beautiful shots of him being so well after the fall …

    btw, thank you Cindy for always encouraging me when you appreciate the things i post, means much … blessings to you πŸ™‚

  12. Cindy, I was so scared reading your story, I feared the worst. But, my heart just breathed a sigh of relief. I’m amazed at your photo’s, their probably to most detailed I’ve ever seen. So tiny and so beautiful. I didn’t know they have to eat every 15 minutes either. Good to know. Totally loved your post today.

    1. I just got some photos tonight of about 6 of them squabbling over the feeder!! I don’t know how the pics turned out as it is twilight. There are lots of hummingibirds where I live because we are surrounded by orchards that bloom at different times. Also I planted tons of flowers and have the feeder outside. So there are usually 10+ hummingibirds living in our specific garden year round. They are so much fun to watch!!! Thank you my friend. I am still amazed you had a pet owl!!

      1. Woooww! That’s amazing! I’ve never seen a hummingbird so close. And about an owl, it was long time ago. Not only an owl, but i had an eagle too that time. Both of them was so close to me. They were my best friends. Wherever i went, an eagle flew over my head. That’s long long time ago.

      2. So incredible!! Do you have any photos of them? I would so love to see them! Those are two of my favorite birds!! Incredible back to you!! I did get the whole horde of hummingbirds in the photos last night for the first time. I want to post them but not everyone loves hummingbirds as much as I do!! LOL!

  13. All most of us want, person or animal, is someone alongside us. As Lisa says on her blog; a buddy. The little hummer was stunned but it didn’t need to be afraid in your companionship. I am guessing that having freedom from fear and trauma helped the natural healing process. Such a lovely post.

    1. I feel this way strongly. Animals and people are the same in this need, not so much to do for them, but just to be with them. Wild creatures are the most wonderful companions. Of course you understand this completely!

  14. Hurray for you and that little tiny hummer. What a great, uplifting story. Thanks for being you.

    As for the markings on that bird, I’ve never seen one like it. What a brilliant blue collar. Great photos!

  15. Whew Cindy, this was a close one, you built the suspense very well and left me happy. πŸ™‚ This little guy looks like either he runs into rainbows often or eats plenty of Fruit Loops, I’ve never seen such a menagerie of colors on a bird. I’m glad he’s okay. Lovely pics πŸ™‚

  16. What a wonderful story, Cindy – and what gorgeous pictures!! I’m sure sitting with the bird helped him get back to his feet again. I had a similar experience recently with a young house martin, who had ended up on the street rather than in the air, and he managed to get airborne again too!

    1. It is pretty wonderful to think of humans using their physical presence to reassure wild creatures rather than hunt and destroy them. Thank you for sharing your story. I think it’s quite heartening!

  17. Your choice of action was perfect, Cuz, for all the reasons you mentioned and more. Nature has its way of dealing with “accidents”. Some of its results are wonderful (as yours), and some tragic. Either way it’s natural law. Great to see the little one up and about.

  18. Birds have hit our windows here from time to time. It can sound like a gunshot, it’s so loud, but more often than not the bird will suddenly fly off after sitting stunned for several minutes to up to an hour. Always amazing and always a relief! What a beautiful hummingbird!

    1. It is awful when this happens. I have sat with a morning dove that died before which is quite sad. It is good though, that the majority of times, they are only temporarily stunned~

  19. Hi Cindy! I have a question for you. May I save these photographs and see what I can do with them? I would give you full credit as the author of the photographs themselves. Any alterations, if they work out, I will humbly credit to myself. If they do not work out I will delete them.


    1. Absolutely! I would love to see what you will do! I love it when people use my photos for things, thats why I put them out here! It was so nice of you to ask, but in the future definitely feel free. Thank you~

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  21. I was nearly crying before the end of the story when the bird suddenly snapped out of it, and then I was so relieved! He does look a little banged-up, but I’m so glad he made it and will probably recover. Because of your wisdom and restraint you and he were able to share a neat and precious bonding time!

      1. πŸ™‚ It’s been a while, I know. I was sitting here yesterday and I was telling Blu that I felt funny because I haven’t been to your blog in a good while. Felt like I was really missing out on something. Your photos are a little bit of paradise.

  22. Hi Cindy, thanks for helping the little hummingbird! For good advice on helping any injured or orphaned wildlife, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. For the name of one near you, call Wild Friends at Best Friends: 435-644-2001, ext 4460. They are very friendly and helpful.

  23. Gorgeous pictures. They are so close up to the bird. This reminded me of last week one of this cute guy came close to me and I first thought it was a big bee. I was so scare to move about but was relieved to see it was this cute guy humming close to my head.

  24. What a charmingly beautiful bird, like something from a fantasy tale for example Alice in Wonderland or Willy Wonka. And this one has a happy ending too. He makes me think of a patchwork blanket haha! Lovely photographs capturing him, Cindy! Cheers.

  25. I didn’t get that close… but while cleaning some debris from my creek – I had about a ten minute conversation with the great blue heron that had stopped by about 50 feet up or down the creek (I’m never sure the direction… is the water going away from you down) anyway it was nice.

    Glad your hummer is Okey-dokey.

    1. Great Blue Herons will come quite close and as long as you don’t scare them all is well. They seem to like our company. If you threaten them though, they use that dagger beak and aim for the eyes. This is what a rescue person told me when grabbing one for rescue that had adopted us. Wonderful birds!

  26. Cindy, last time I confess I only looked at the pictures…….I just read the story and am close to tears,
    Me, a 70 year old macho, war veteran who is very careful about keeping my “soft side” under control is bordering on losing it !! Thanks for sharing this story and thanks for being there for the hummer.

    1. Now you have really touched me. How wonderful of you to react like this and to tell me about it. This is why I find blogging so rewarding. I get to meet people like you.
      THANK YOU everyday, in CAPITAL LETTERS, for your sacrifices as a veteran on behalf of all of us! We are so grateful everyday to our brave veterans.
      And thank you for caring about the hummer.
      Cheers to you my friend~

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