Matilija Poppy!

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” Henri Matisse

Matilija Poppies are a shrub native to California and Mexico.
The flowers are large, about the size of a mans hand with the fingers extended. They are the largest flower of any plant native to California.
They are nick-named “The Fried Egg Plant,” as their flowers do indeed resemble a fried egg.
“Perfumes are the feelings of flowers.” Heinrich Heine

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      1. I had a buddy years ago worked for the Texas highway dept. His job was part of a crew on horseback who went ahead of the surveyors. As they rode threw the tall grass, anytime a rattlesnake stuck up his head, the closest crew member would take it out with their rifle. he said he developed a healthy respect for them. I guess so! But I find all critters interesting – except for mosquitoes and ticks.


  2. How large is the whole plant, Cindy? Too bad they’re just native to CA and MMX. I have a spot or two at the new place for some of these. Great pics of them.

      1. Oh goody!! I’ve really been anticipating it eagerlt! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done!
        The shrubs get to be around 8 feet tall, which is what mine are now~

  3. Extraordinary flowers and I adore that Heine quote. Every time I smell a flower now I will have to ask ‘how are you feeling?” Or perhaps I will know the answer by the perfume itself.

    1. I read an article recently in Science or somewhere that was discussing how plants communicate with each other through chemical scents, somewhat like phenomes with insects. Maybe Prince Charles was right about talking to his plants! I always suspected he was~

  4. Gorgeous! I literally lost myself in these photos, which in turn took my mind off my ever so presence chronic pain! Thank you for sharing and continue to share your excellent skill of photography . . . minus the snakes! : )

    1. That makes me truly happy! I know they are working with burn patients now with a video game that you put on like an astronauts helmet that emerses the person in the sounds and sights of a freezing, arctic world. It is showing to be affective. It is interesting how the chemistry process in our brain mediates pain. Have you read about hypnosis for pain control?
      At UCSD they have a chronic pain clinic, where they use epidural injections, even blocks to eliminate pain.
      My husband had three of the epidurals for chronic, severe lower back pain. That and physical therapy is helping a lot.
      Everyone is unique of course and I am sure you are exploring every avenue for relief. I certainly wish I could help you though.
      So, please call on me if I can!!

    1. Okay. Those two lines are so ridiculously good, I’m going to your site to read the rest. Next flower post, I will send to you prior to posting. Thank you Russel~

  5. What a lovely white poppy, reminding me of crepe paper days when my Aunt made one that looked just like the one you featured here. Now, I wish I had one from my childhood to compare to your real flower from your holler.

    1. These “tissue paper” flowers as I call them are some of my favorites and I remember making tissue paper flowers as a child so I know just what you are talling about! Lovely~

  6. Wow, love this poppy pictures! One day I will try to paint flowers, for today I’ll let nature paint her visions for me through your lens.

      1. Very generous – your photographs are so gorgeous. When I have more confidence in painting flowers I might take you up on your offer. Thank you so much!!

  7. Wonderful shots. You’re getting to be so cool that it’s hard to respond…so many comments. Catching up on a month’s posts from fave posters is amusing, but time consuming. What…wallowing around in anonymity wasn’t good enough for you? Eight out my none followers agree…the pressure must be ominous at the top of the blogosphere.

    1. Hilarious! I knew I liked you!
      Here’s what I think about anonymity and blogging. You, for example, who are a very talented poet and a popular and successul blogger, deserve full name credit for the wonderful poetry you write. I didn’t want a psuedonym because, my blog is a creative part of me and I want them together. That said, I like it if people re-use my photos, and don’t feel a need to put my name (or psuedonym) on each. The blog is enough for me.
      I am no where near the top of the blogsphere thank goodness, or I would feel pressure and pressure would wreck the pleasure.
      One of my favorite parts of blogging is reading other blogs.
      I have just switched reading material! lol!
      I still am always reading a book, but now I spend many hours each day looking at and reading blogs, instead of news and mass media which, I never read now or TV which I never even turn on!
      Blogs, like yours are so much more creative, interesting and better!
      And besides I’ve made wonderful friends, from all over the world, who I really look forward to talking too,
      Bloggers ROCK!! Just like you~

  8. Very different looking flowers — I’ve not seen them before (but then, I don’t get out much). They are really beautiful — the petals remind me a little of crepe paper that has gotten wet and then dried in the sun, but even that isn’t a totally accurate comparison. The fried-egg name is so cute and accurate! Very vivid, nice-looking photos, Cindy!

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