Still Life!

Bringing the beauty in~
Snow pea bush
Roses, Butterfly Bush, Blue Sage.

DSC08591 (1)
Variegated Rose.
DSC04185 (1)
If you want the beauty to last, look at this handpainted box from Kashmir India. It is one box from different angles.
Each box is painted with a single hair bush, requiring years for the artist to make.
It’s not easy replicating mother nature!
Cheers from The Holler!

48 thoughts on “Still Life!

  1. Not easy to replicate but the artist did a very fine job of it. Beautiful still life. Why do we say still life I wonder. There is always so much life pulsing through everything!

    1. True. I know it came from painting. A moment frozen in time. Think of those paintings with a petal falling from the boquet. Love them! Cheers & thank you my friend. I would like some custard too please! When you find the time???????

    1. I thought of you when I posted the Kashmir box and our discussion of the underpaid artists who create these beautiful pieces of art, so I am glad you liked it. Cheers~

  2. Amazing photos, as usual. I love how the dark/black background makes the colours and details of the flowers become more lively and stunning.

    1. Yes, I had fun with that! I used a black towel on a board and a black napkin on the bottom, but it still wasn’t quite right, so I increased the darkness, and the flowers popped out. I was surprised and pleased! Thank you for diserning this Halim & cheers to you!

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