Homeward Bound: Greenland at 36,000 Feet!

Desolate. Stark. Magnificent. What a beautiful world!



And in Black and White. Imagine the grandeur down there, on the surface of our planet, in Greenland.
I wasn’t dressed for it though! Cheers to you and to our beautiful planet.

63 thoughts on “Homeward Bound: Greenland at 36,000 Feet!

  1. Erik the Red was the master salesman…naming an uninhabitable island Greenland, and an inhabitable island Iceland. Thought it odd the first time to Europe from Seattle…flew north, then south for eight hours. Eight hour time difference. They just suspended me in the air for eight hours while the world turned beneath us. Helium balloons? Wonderful work documenting your trip. Two Libyans liberated me of a camera and ten rolls of film my first time to Europe…all I’ve got is stories. Good for you. Thanks for all the photos.


    • Love this story. Yes exactly, “suspended in the air for eight hours while the world turned beneath us.”
      Beautifully written……
      Normally I sleep on flights overnight. This one was during the day. What a difference a day makes!
      International travel is always slightly discombobulating. Wake up in Berlin, go to sleep in California….Amazing really.


    • Oh so sad. I went to Antarctica and fell head over heels in love with it. The thought of the abundant, unafraid wildlife and this pristine wonderland melting away causes me serious grief. What in the world have we done to this gorgeous planet?


  2. Looks all blue, white & grayl ! Where’s the “green land” ??? Great pictures Cindy. The zoom on that camera is super – 36,000′ !!! Wow! Welcome back home.


  3. Great photographs! It looks like a scene from Game of Thrones or something. I’m usually asleep over Greenland. Welcome back, I’m sure the holler critters missed you,


    • They did!!! Check out the calves in my next post! πŸ™‚ & yes it does remind one of Game of Thrones, beyond the wall, “winter is coming….”……Cheers and welcome home to you too…if you are home!!


  4. I do some housework, sweeping and dishes while I wait for your post to finish loading but in the end it is so worth seeing what you have shared for the day. Very nice shots!


  5. wow!!! That is just amazing. I can’t imagine what it must be like down there. Now I have to go to google maps and do some zooming into Greenland to see what’s there. Great great photos!


  6. Wow! New Zealand used to be mis-located (is that even a word?) by people when I was growing up and thought to be “somewhere near Greenland.” We have stunning scenery but vastly different to those amazing pictures you have been able to take above the wonderland.


    • I like mis-located and if it’s not a word, you should get credit for inventing it! I have some vague memory of explorers discovering Greenland and mistaking it for some where else thinking it was forested. I think it is technically part of North America, but practically identifies itself with Europe. My husband went to Greenland’s tourism page and it looks like an incredible place to visit. I am going to look at the website now. I wonder if they have polar bears there. I want to see polar bears….


    • Neither did I. Guess what? Jim & I are looking in to going to Northern Greenland in 2014 on a Hertgurten icebreaking ship to see the polar bears, whales and northern arctic! Woo Hooo!


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