Berlin II

The Tiergarten
The Russian War Memorial commemorating the Battle of Berlin.
Carriage through the city!
Holocaust Memorial in the rain.
Tourists having picnics and photo ops at The Holocaust Memorial. This struck me as insensitive.
Auf Wiedersehen from Interesting Berlin!

29 thoughts on “Berlin II

  1. I have never been to Berlin! Now I have been there thanks to you! I just read “In the Garden of Beasts” – always wanted to see what the Tiergarten looked like! Thank you.

    1. One had to read “In the Garden….” in order to appreciate Berlin and especially the Tiergarten. Thank you Rebecca. Berlin moves me a great deal. So much pain….

    1. I feel empathy for the Berliners. How were they supposed to rebuild their city after the war? I suspect this is why it has such a somber, stark aspect. The Nazi’s destroyed everyone they touched. Berliners are living with this today.

  2. thank you for showing us all sides of Berlin ( pun intended ) I don’t get the picnics either, but perhaps it can remind me that sometimes we humans lack awareness….

  3. Very strange that these tourists were allowed to picnic inside the memorial. I remember when I was there that there were security guards who prevented people from climbing on top of the lower pillars. It is indeed very insensitive or shows a total lack of understanding of the Holocaust and what this memorial means. I hope someone told them eventually that this isn’t a park. Great pictures! (Suzanne)

    1. Thank you. I think it must have been because they had that huge football game in Berlin and the guards were distracted. People were standing all over the boxes for photo-ops.

  4. Interesting architecture…the gloomy day makes for a stark looking city…definitely a departure from Prague…great photos regardless.

  5. Your use of black and white, or even color shots that almost look black and white, captures an atmosphere that cannot easily be described.

    1. Well thank you.. It was like the memorial was weeping and the camera captured this much better than I ever could. My husband felt this pervasive atmosphere as well and this is very unusual for him. Thank you sincerely for recognizing this. You must be sensitive~

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