My final Six: Patagonian Bird Shots!

This post is dedicated to Alistair. Check out his incredible seagull shot & say goodbye to the last of my Patagonian bird shots!

A Photo A day … February 07 2013

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Southern Caracara (an aggressive raptor with an up to 52 inch wingspan)

DSC04012 (1)

Dolphin Gull (native to Southern Argentina & Chile) It took me awhile to find out what this bird was!


Goslings (these were in Buenos Aires)


Magellan Goose (South American goose)


Southern Lapwing (only crested wader in South America)


Long-tailed Meadowlark (native to Southern South America)


The heron in my prior post is a Black Crowned Night Heron!

30 thoughts on “My final Six: Patagonian Bird Shots!

  1. Fabulous. I will probably never see these birds in real life but it makes me happy that I know someone who has been close enough to photograph these birds. Hooray for Cindy and her travelling camera!

    1. Is there anything cuter than baby ducks and geese? I used to have an imprinted pair that flew back to nest each year. I wonder if they are still doing it & thank you!

    1. Thank you Alastair! I will be frank your photo is better. I am working towards your skill level and enjoying every second of it. Your photos are inspiration to me. Cheers to you!

  2. Cindy, I just love all your beartiful photos!!!! I really enjoy seeing the natural settings and all the colorful animals! Some look like they have white winter “coats” still, but it looks warn from the shrubbery. How neat to get to see all those far away places and lovely for ya to share them so I can see too:). Love Ya, Angela

    1. How kind of you! Thank you. Your comments are very appreciated and you are right. All the dogs in Southern Ushuaia have heavy winter coats in the summer also. The summer is too brief for them to shed. Very perceptive observation on your part.

  3. So fantastic, you know right when to take that perfect shot! It shows in your wonderful photographs we’ve had the pleasure to see during your trip.

  4. Very nice, but why are there 7 shots? Just kidding 😉 They really are nice shots, Cindy! Hope your trip isn’t over yet, because I’m enjoying vicariously.

    1. It took me quite awhile to find out what he was. I was googling Southern Patagonian gulls to no avail. Quite a distinctive bird. I was so glad to learn what he was. Thank you for noticing!

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