Who is that, Staring at me in the Ushuaian Meadow?


Just this guy. They breed the most beautiful Siberian Husky’s you have ever seen in Ushuaia, and use them in the winter as sled dogs to get around.

DSC04736 (1)

St.Bernards are popular here also. They wake from their long summer snooze when the icy Andean winter winds begin to blow. Mush, mush they’re off! For now though, in the sweltering 50F summer heat, it’s just snooze, snooze. I’m resting!

DSC05216 (1)

29 thoughts on “Who is that, Staring at me in the Ushuaian Meadow?

    • I had no idea what is was because that was all I could see at first! Beautiful BIG friendly dog and I met his owners! He jumped and placed his paws gently on my shoulders and we were face to face. Too bad I couldn’t photograph that!


    • Yes you are right. This husky was VERY BIG and SUPER STRONG, but also gently and friendly and full of energy. He wanted to mush! I have heard the lore about St. Bernards rescuing people lost in the Alps and bringing some reviving brandy. Maybe someone will tell us if it is true!


    • The husky came up to me, jumped carefully and place his front paws on my shoulders and to say hello. I of course fell in love. What a gorgeous, friendly dog, but also STRONG and full of energy, he was ready to pull a sled for 8 miles. St Bernards are just BIG lovebugs!!! Cheers & thank you~


  1. siberian Husky’s are beautiful dogs! And I was smiling broadly re the St Bernard…don’t see them very often…that one’s a real hunk lol 😉 Reading your last comments on the Huskies “Mush and they’re off….” I was amused to find myself glancing down at one very sleepy, relaxed and not at all mushing or off St Bernard! lol 😉 Priceless!


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