The Astonishing Andes!

Patagonia’s incredible and unique beauty is created by the sheltering and formative influence of the incomparable Andes. The Andes are the longest continental mountain range in the world, stretching spinelike 4,300 miles across the continent of South America. The Andes are also the highest mountain range in the world outside of Asia, with an average mountain height of 13,000 feet. Mt. Aconcagua is the highest peak at 22,841 feet.
The world’s highest volcanos are contained within this mountain range, including the world’s highest active volcano, Ojas del Salado, which lies, visible, on the border between Argentina and Chile. Ojas rises to 22,615 feet. She competes with 50 sister volcanos in the Andes range all of whom rise to over 19,695 feet.
Everything you see in Patagonia is framed by these formidable mountains.

The Andes approaching Ushuaia Argentina (shot from the Airplane window.) The Andes terminate in Ushuaia, El Fin del Mundo.

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The Peaks of the Andes shape the wind and the clouds.


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El Calafate

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25 thoughts on “The Astonishing Andes!

  1. These mountains seem a bit oppressive, so large, snowy, dark, high, volcanic, foreign for a Midwesterner horizon.
    So, does the feedback you get from the postings make the travel more fun, more real? I mean the old way would be postcards and later a slide show with a gathering of friends or family. This way seems like having more people to show/talk to about it who aren’t already there looking at it themselves. All the best to you, good travels, lovely shots.

    1. Yes! The Andes are both impressive and intimidating.
      Blogging for me is a total blast. A postcard is pretty boring as were those enforced slideshow presentations of yesteryear. With blogging a person can choose to look at a post or not in their own time/place. It also exercises my creative self and I meet wonderful people with similar interests from all over the globe. It is just a lot of fun whether traveling or at home!
      Cheers to you and good questions!

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