Penguin Opera!

Did you know penguins like to yell? I didn’t. It makes quite a startling racket, especially when done in harmony!


They seem to do it for no good reason except maybe they like the sound!!! Just like my husband likes the sound of Wagnerian Opera.


Come to think of it, they do sound kinda like Brunhilde with a sore throat!
(Google it!)



31 thoughts on “Penguin Opera!

    1. Oh yes she did! I have sat through all 18 hours of The Ring Cycle and, like the fool I am, have agreed to do it again in Bayreuth next year. God help me!
      I am still in Tierra del Fuego. Starty flying home tomorrow. 3 planes. Total torture.
      I read your short story and LOVED IT!
      Look forward to reading more of your work when I return!
      Glad you’re back!
      Cheers to you my friend!

  1. Hello, I want you to know I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Bloggers Award. Should you choose to accept, I would be happy, and you can find guidelines on my post Woohoo!! The Versatle Blogger Award! .
    I can never stay away from your blog, You have the most beautiful pictures and I love that you tell about them, the history and knowledge you tell is marvelous. I just wanted you to know that I read them all, and am cheered up every time I read another post!!!! Love your blog!

    1. Correna, your heart of gold just shines through in all your communications. I will be home soon and will be able to catch up on all the posts I have missed. Thank you for the honor & the appreciation! If I made you happy, that makes me happy!

    1. No long lens! They walked up to me. I always knelt down and I have photos of them approaching me with their head and neck down in imitation. Sometimes they would walk up to me and fall asleep! Incredible. I know I’m kinda boring, but come on penguins…..feign a little excitement please!!! LOL!

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