Penguin Time For Me & You!

Today we traveled far and spent all day with Gentoo, Magellanic and King Penguins. There were thousands of these magnificent creatures and I have the penguin poop on my pants to prove it! They were nesting and raising their young all around us. If you sat still they came to investigate you, pick at your clothes, and seek a reaction. For me…..pure heaven! It is late now, but I could not resist posting a few photos. Tomorrow I will sort and organize and post more photos, but for now, take a peek….and be glad such lovely creatures are still in the world. To meet them up close and personal, is to fall in love with them completely.

Magellanic Parent & chick




Gentoo, Magellanic, Kings, AKA a crowd of thousands


The Kings!


44 thoughts on “Penguin Time For Me & You!

    1. Absolutely true! They flirt with you and are so charming. They want your attention. Lots of them jumped in the water and tried to follow us when we left in the zodiac. I do remember in Antarctica that much of the wildlife seemed tame. Except for Japanese whalers, humans were not their enemy. I suspect this is how nature is supposed to be.

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