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The Birds of Patagonia! WOW!


Cinereous Harrier! The South American Harrier! These are stunning raptors that fiercely defend their nests. I got dove at today, inches from my head, which seriously got our attention. In a few photos you will see why. I ducked but was never afraid. It was a warning, establishing dominance. They then let me stay and take many photos! They have the second largest tail feather to body ratio in the bird kingdom and these babies can fly! I found five contiguous (joined together) feathers from the Harrier that I will post at the end. These joined together tail feathers were lost in an aerial conflict. We saw many of these sparrings. Sachem told me (see prior post) that these birds have significant spiritual meaning in many Native American cultures, and he dreamed that I would find these feathers. Check out his blog & my prior post about this! It is fascinating.



He certainly knows I am here, doesn’t he?


See junior Harriet! The source of all the protection!


And here are my tail feathers which I will keep with me always!


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Please excuse me for not staying up to date on your blogs. There is no time! I will catch up with all of your posts when I return. Cheers!

Why Go To Patagonia? First the Flora & The Environment!!


The Town of El Calafate Sheltered By The Andes and Abutting Lago Argentina, the Second Largest Lake in Argentina. It is Glacier Fed by the Andes!



Okay, I’m Cheating a Bit. Here are Flamingos and Flora & Environment!



I’ll Leave You With Some Sunshine & Flora! But…..Next Post Immediately Following? Fauna!!!