Say Hi to the World’s Heaviest Eagle!

Okay class. This is the last of your unsolicited tutorials on raptors of the world.
Meet the Stellar Sea Eagle.
Thought to be rarest raptor in the world.
It is considered by many to be the world’s most magnificent raptor, and is the heaviest eagle in the world, even larger than the Harpy. It wingspan can be over 8 feet. That’s three world records for only one birdie!
That’s kinda like being Lance Armstrong before we found out he was cheating.
Anyhoo, little is known about the Stellar Sea Eagle due to their remote habitat. They live exclusively on the North East Coast of Russia, North Korea and select coastal areas of Japan. They catch fish, mainly salmon, while flying along the surface of the water. Check out the side view of this eagle’s eye in the photo below. You can see the retina and how it swivels, giving the Stellar his incredible prey spotting capabilities, and you can see through the transparent aqueous body of the eye.
Here is an interesting factoid. The Stellar engages in a practice called “Kleptoparasitism.”
I’ve known a person or two in my life who seemed to engage in this practice as well. But I digress……
Anyhoo, the Stellar rips off other bird’s kills. I guess the other birds know enough not to object.
I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t!
“Want my salmon? Sure! Take it all….No problem. I wasn’t hungry anyway…..”
Afterall, this is one big birdie, with one very big beak!
If this eagle escaped from the zoo and flew to The Holler, I would catch a wind-draft to Arizona, along with the red-tails and every other raptor at The Holler!
Cheers to you from The Holler!