Vain Holler Critters, Murderous Glories & Jumpin Jack Flash!

Did you know morning glories are plant murderers?
They are. They crowd out, blanket, and smother other plants, and are intensely invasive. You can tell they are stuck up too, can’t you?
I love them anyway despite these “personality problems.” We have lots of room to fill at The Holler and this is what they love to do.
Mean little flowers.
But, my they are beautiful aren’t they?

The purple throated bullied hummer is no longer being harassed. There are new, no-loc hummers to hassle at The Holler. The purple throated guy is now quite ummmm, assertive. The feeder was empty this morning when I got up at the crack of dawn, which for me is 9:30 am.
The purple guy was incensed at me and buzzed me mercilessly and closely. I think he was furious about the feeder, but even more about me taking photos of the turkey vultures. I finally took his photos and he was appeased. I filled the feeder later.
Hummingbirds are just like Mick Jagger. They are so vain.
Did you know I wrote a really unflattering review of Mick Jagger’s biography? Now if you google image search me. (Yes, yes I admit I did it…..I know, I know…. I’m vain too.) Anyhoo, if you do the search you will see my mug right there next to Micks!
Mick and I are tight.
I don’t think he likes to read much, so my review won’t bother him……

The red tails fly close every morning around 9:30. Don’t tell anybody this is when I get up everyday. I know, I know, I am a lazy layabout, but what the heck. I worked for thirty years, now I’m sleeping in.
The red tails get me up because they circle low at this time and I see their shadows.
I wonder if they had a sort of red tail conversation? Let’s go wake that lazy woman up. It’s time for our photo-op and we look best in the morning sun….You know they do!
I bet they are so vain too. What-ya gonna do?
I take their photos!!

Happy weekend from The Holler.
Oh, do you want some morning glories????