Huahine Storm Surf~

Huahine is in the middle of a massive tropical storm bringing monsoonal rain, winds and massive tubular waves to the far off fringing reef. These photos were taken from shore with zoom up to 1200 mm equivalent.
In order to give you perspective, check out this photo which shows where I shot from on land during one of the lulls in the rain. You can see the waves on the horizon on the fringing reef.
Waves form tubes like this when big ocean swells hit shallow reefs.
Some waves like the one below, blow out due to the erratic nature of the storm, but I think they are beautiful too. I don’t look at waves in terms of their surfability.
This wave below had a broken, or double tube!
Here’s another blown out beauty.
The Huahine locals went out in force in their outriggers to watch the show from just inside the reef break zone. Here they are getting ready, you can see the breaks on the reef in the horizon.
Paddling out in outriggers was a beautiful sight.
Cheers to your from still storming, still spectacular, Huahine~
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