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I can’t resist pandaring, not in a sexual or political way, but in a panda way! (Please click to enlarge).


There has to be something seriously wrong with someone who can resist a panda bear.


Okay, I know they can be nippy, and they pass a lot of gas, but come on, how can anything be this cute?


Besides you’d pass gas too, if you ate 26-84 pounds of bamboo every day. These guys are serious about eating their bamboo! I relate well to pretty much any creature who loves to eat this much.


But, as usual, I digress. Giant Pandas are the world’s rarest bear. They are endangered and their numbers continue to decrease in the wild.

There are 46 pandas living outside of China and an estimated 1,600 wild pandas living in China where they are designated national treasures. Six panda cubs have been born at the San Diego Zoo and most have been sent back to China for breeding purposes.


Three pandas were on view today including two cubs. Visiting them was a gas, pardon the pun, because there were very few visitors and lots of up close time with them. They are peaceful, marvelous creatures, who seem very content and focused on their bamboo!


I thought it most polite that this panda stopped eating long enough to wave goodbye to you with his bamboo! Cheers to you from San Diego Zoo’s Panda Trek!