175 thoughts on “God is in the Details~

    1. Yikes! Reminds me when the HOA at my prior house told me I had too many flowers, and I could only plant “approved, non-flowering ground cover!” Bah-Humbug! ):

  1. So true Cindy. His beauty can not be replicated, declaring the wisdom and splendor of his artistry. I marvel how every single thing and being is unique, just as each of us are.

  2. Short and sweet. More than sugar could ever hope to be. Thank you Cindy for your good eyes and sharing with us. Love the “up closeness” very much, near other-worldly when seen that way. How would we ever have imagined this? And yea, you’re right. ❤️

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  4. Actually, dear Cindy, we like abstraction where you leave out the details. For us art is not documenting an outside reality. A picture has its own reality.
    Nevertheless well photographed and edited.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. God is there in those beautiful details you’ve captured, Cindy. Thank you for your beautiful photos that refresh my days with God’s beauty!

  6. I DREAM of getting a Hummingbird as clearly as you did, Cindy!!! The corner where my sugar feeders are is in deep shade without any good lighting. And YES YES YES I agree …. God truly is in the details. I could just stare at your pictures for hours and still see something new. I do the same with mine. Awe and wonder are the result. xoxo

    1. Georgina

      Woke up to see these arrive this morning, thanks to your camera skills. Wonder is in the detail, yes God in nature.

  7. Diane

    Glad to see that the beauties are finding your gardens. I used to blog at “home, garden, life” but retired that blog this summer after twelve years. Got tired of WordPress. The trend seems to be vlogging and YouTube, and my aging face is not photo worthy. Hoping for Devine inspiration for my next stage…XX

    1. We simpatico! I can completely understand getting “tired of WP.” I am definitely easing back on blogging. It has been twelve years for me too. Fully relate to the aging face issue as well. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello Diane & take good care დ

    2. No wonder many people, after written many articles on WordPress, started to leave the system, because vloggers got more attention but also because WordPress wants to push us into using the very unpractical Block Editor or Gutenberg Editor (poor man, if he would see the mess, or terrible system they made for a ‘modern’ printing system, he ‘would turn around in his grave’.)

      However, the older guard should persist whether it is posting text articles, or as Cindy is more concerned with sending beautiful pictures to the world, so that those who are not able to get to such horrible places, can still enjoy the splendour of that beautiful world.

      With a grateful blogger greeting
      Marcus Ampe

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