Baby Grosbeak~

Is learning to feed himself (click/tap to enlarge).

Although he’s not quite sure yet,

what to do with the seeds!

He’ll figure it out,

now that he is on his own,


by watching the grown ups.

Cheers to you from The Holler Black Headed Grosbeaks~

212 thoughts on “Baby Grosbeak~

  1. Our local flycatchers and bluebirds are fledging now, too, and there are a lot of fast-growing quail and mourning doves. It’s all over so quickly!

  2. What alien lifeforms there are. Or are we the more alien with our flailing arms and legs, our wiggling fingers, our funny heads. As Sesame Street might ask, which of these things belongs and which does not? Hard to imagine being inside that body. Though I do try. Neither the less to appreciate. So many different birds, why then so few of us – we all look pretty much the same (I know, but color means nothing). And what do we call this place – reality? Is there another word?
    (mischief me) and thank you Cindy, by the way!

    1. What interesting musings Neil. I do wonder what they think of us. I remember beng amused by the aliens description of us from ‘Star Trek.’ “Ugly Bags of Mostly Water.” Smiling…. Take care my friend แƒ“

    1. So true! And yes they are hilarious to watch. The grownups literally pile their beaks with seed. The little one has yet to learn this feat!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hi Cuz,
    Great pics. Never seen a Grosbeak of any kind for real but read about them. As I remember there are several kinds. Hot summer so stay cool !!! ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿฆ

    1. Hi Cuz! Thanks much. I have yet to see a Rose Breasted Grosbeak or Blue Grosbeak although both are endemic here. I would love to see both! Hope all is well with you cuz and thanks so much for stopping by แƒ“

    1. So appreciated Lynette. Thank you. This is such a winsome stage in bird development. Often they let people get closer too as they haven’t yet learned to fully fear us แƒ“

  4. Such a sweet post, Cindy. I love it. We are really noticing that our songbird population is down on Vancouver Island. Worries me a lot. It’s encouraging to see the wonderful birds you have in your area.

    1. That is so sad and worrying. Avian Flu possibly. Songbird populations were declining before the flu though. They are the canaries in the cave, trying to warn to us, but we are not listening แƒ“

  5. I ‘love’ his blonde eyebrows in the 5th picture from the top. Like all children they seem to lose that blonde look as they grow. Great pictures Cindy ๐Ÿคฃโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™

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  7. The juveniles have a black bill, and the adults have a white bill. Somehow there is great humor and stories amongst the birds here. Stunning photos!

  8. It’s a happy day when I see a grosbeak (which doesn’t happen all that often these days), so thank you for sharing yours with us. Well done, young grosbeak!

  9. Adorable! Actually the parents do keep an eye on them for quite some time, feeding them occasionally and teaching them the ways of the wild – how to spot predators, etc.

  10. We have the yellow grosbeaks sporadically, along with the rose-breasted grosbeaks on the East Coast. This summerโ€™s Mr. Fancy is a scarlet taninger, but it is 60 feet up in the oak trees, so just a bright red dot doing a lot of singing. – Oscar

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  12. What a sweet face on this little bird! I love it when birds make themselves fat and round, like this guy has done in one of the photos.

    Your camera is amazing. I can’t believe the texture on the feathers you’ve captured!

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  14. You have shared some adorable and charming photos of this cute and curious bird. You have a great talent and passion for photography and nature. You have captured the beauty and personality of this bird with your camera.

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