Off the Beaten Path: Super Pods~

This is what you see first in the far distance. Sea birds congregating over dolphin herded fish balls. Note the dolphin in the lower center of the photo. For every dolphin you see at any given moment on the surface, there are scores more underwater (click to enlarge).

As you focus in, you notice odd splashes everywhere around you, and dolphins cresting in the distance.

The Captain spins the boat,

in fast churning 360 degree circles,

as dolphins race towards you,

to play in the wake.

They swim,

directly at,


and underneath the boat,

far surpassing the speed and skill of the captain.

Cheers to you from the stunning dolphin super pods~

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    1. That is an interesting question. I certainly don’t know. In the Faroe Islands (where we are going) they must fear and be horrified by our actions (I am). In these waters they have been protected for decades now so they may have a better opinion of us დ

    1. Can’t wait to hear about your experience. I would recommend the Santa Rosa trip and you will circle Santa Cruz island, go into the painted caves, sail alongside Anacapa Island, and Santa Rosa is so far out and entirely untouched it is incredible დ

  1. This is beautiful, Cindy. I’ve seen this up close in the Bay of Conception in Baja, from a little 12-ft. aluminum skiff. The sound of them mewling and singing is incredible.

    1. How awesome! Must have been an incredible experience! My son and I swam with them multiple times in Lanai. They bounced their sonar off us constantly and you could feel the sounds impact. They slept around us. It was incredible. It caused my son to switch his major from biology to wildlife biology დ

  2. Hi Cindy – these dolphins are so nice to see – we can sometimes see them at the Jersey shore, from a distance on the beach, but I’ve never been on a boat to see them. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  3. God knew you will be an excellent Photographer. He therefore put you where you’d shine. You did not disappoint Him nor us. This is my comment for your recent shots Cindy. Thank you so much for letting us enjoy your beautiful gift, which is Photography. 🙂

    1. Yes. I have been to Jervis Bay twice (and counting?) to see your gorgeous dolphins! I love Jervis Bay. Twenty seven different species of dolphins and whales frequent The Channel Islands in California, including eleven species of dolphins and two porpoise species. These waters down to the coast of San Diego (where I live) have the largest concentrations of dolphins in the world, some are visitors and others permanent residents. Blue whales, minke whales, sperm whales, fin whales and brydes whales are also here along with orcas, and the humpbacks and greys. It is an incredibly diverse and rich marine environment დ

  4. The British Channel Isles? Fantastic photos. I remember when we were on a cruise once and all my friends on the boat paid to go on a dolphin 🐬 watch boat and we didn’t go because my Mum doesn’t like small boats they make her feel sick, so we were disappointed, need not have been, we were on the deck and suddenly a dolphin pod came playing and leaping nearby for over an hour. When our friends got back they hadn’t seen one dolphin, I didn’t tell them.

    1. What a amazing experience Charlotte! One I know you will remember forever. I watched a small pod of orcas off of Lerwick in The Shetlands for the longest time. It made me want to move to Lerwick, so unspoiled and beautiful დ

  5. These are great pictures Cindy, trying to capture these speeding bullets is an experience all in itself. You’ve done well. Thank you for sharing a delightful creature, something we all enjoy watching in its element 😀❤️🙏

    1. That must have been wonderful to experience. I didn’t know you were a Navy wife! I was a civilian psychotherapist for The Navy in different capacities for almost 20 years. დ

      1. My husband was in the Navy for 21 years, mostly stationed in Norfolk. I worked for Saint Leo College on the amphibious base advising and teaching active duty personnel and veterans for five years.

      1. Hanging in there was busy at work but now settling into truly part time as I was hired for 🙂 rain main end by Wed. and folks around here will complain it is too hot after complaining about 50’s and 60’s for months with nothing but rain lol

  6. Oh, how’d you know? Just what I needed to see. Wonderful pictures – when do you not? My old study field – just never made it professionally. One amusement too – go to the stars to meet aliens? Just look in our own backyard. So much like us, so very alien too. Environment says so much toward how you think, how you relate. Beautiful job Cindy. Thank you so very much.

    1. Exactly. No Star Ship Enterprise required to meet the aliens. They may soon stop by for tea. I look forward to it since we have made such a huge mess of things here 😉 😉

  7. Hi Cindy, ,..thank you for sharing your adventure with Dolphins, ..from one gorgeous photo to the next, they’re a fascination for everyone. They seem so playful, full of life and wow! they do love to interact with us humans,… Which is why we love them back…the thrill of actually being there, must have almost been overwhelming, …I wish I’d seen them with you. But next best thing is the captures, you’ve given everyone a chance to see and experience through your eyes…✨🦋♥️✨

  8. Great shots, Cindy! Dolphins are pure joy!! Dolphin pods venture up our Chesapeake Bay during the summer, it is magical when we see them when we go boating. We have an app called Chesapeake Dolphin Watch where locals can report sightings and pod sizes for research, and you can see daily yourself where they’re being seen. A lot of fun!

  9. Anonymous

    Amazing experience! I remember long time ago on our ship trip at Black Sea the school of dolphins (if it is right name for numerous dolphins) followed us and made all the tourists happy. 🙂 Unforgettable!

    1. Yes. It is completely thrilling to be in the midst of a superpod. They are stunning creatures to be around and close to. Amazing to swim with in the wild too დ

    1. I think those may be common dolphins. There are 38 different species of dolphins and porpoises in the world, 11 of which are found around The Channel Islands, and yes, birdies are very smart brained and do follow dolphin pods and take advantage of dolphin herded fish balls! Leave the work to the dolphins, the fishies just show up to dine! 😉

      1. I’ve not had the pleasure to see a pod. My only exposure to dolphins have been zoos and television. For some reason the light-bellied are all I’ve seen. Very interesting. Thank you.

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  11. Gracias for the great photos, Cindy. Dolphins are such loveable creatures. I ‘paddled’ with a few and one actually kissed me when in the Bahamas in 1998. Definitely one for the memory box…

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  13. I love the texture and blues of the water you’ve captured.

    Dolphins are remarkably agile, aren’t they, considering how much they must weigh.

    What a special outing this must have been, with this once-in-a-lifetime sighting!

    1. “Dolphins are remarkably agile, aren’t they, considering how much they must weigh.” Yes! Thank you for knowing this. Yet another amazing anomoly of nature დ

  14. What fabulous creatures dolphins are! And the ace photos, Cindy…When in the Bahamas, years ago, one or two were near the shore-line, when one kissed me! And then grinned… A SPECIAL moment to be sure. xx

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