Cali Coast~

Sunset over Channel Islands National Park.

The palms stand sentinel,

with the setting sun.

In daylight,

people come to play.

The vigilant palms,

are happy now,

with storms, and lots of rain.

Cheers to you from the central California coast~

199 thoughts on “Cali Coast~

  1. GM Cindy, so tranquil… you are staying close to home, hope all is well at your end… sending warm hugs.. and a bit of the cool/fresh sometimes frigid Canadian air..

  2. For a moment –when I read ‘Cali Coast– I thought your spectacular photos were of Cali, a beautiful city in Colombia…. But I quickly thought: “Cali has no sea, although it is very close to the Pacific Ocean. Could it be possible that Cindy has worked the miracle of creating one, just to have an idilic scenery for her portentous camera…? πŸ™‚

  3. I read a post today on meditation for people who can’t meditate and it recommended allowing yourself to be awed by nature, which is what your blog does so well.

  4. I used to live in California, near Healdsburg and Santa Rosa when I was a kid. Thanks for bringing back some good memories. We visited the ocean every once in a while, and I miss the feeling I had watching in amazement at God’s creation.

    1. Yes, the islands are truly incredible. We were just there to visit again, but the waves stopped the boat. We have a trip planned for spring to the outer islands which I am so looking forward to. We have never been to the more distant islands დ

  5. The palm trees reminds me of Bangladesh. We loved drinking the coconut water when we were there. I liked the fresh coconut too. Those were the days we thought will never end, they did end and we are keeping those precious memories in our heart and mind. πŸ™‚

  6. Goodness, quite the time for California, huh! I always miss it some. You’re sure not shy about color (ever). A nice attribute. And love the “big” coastal pictures that I can expand, then expand again – makes the adventure bigger.

    You likely heard about the poppy super bloom. Even visible from space! Plus Big Sur has become an island (again) – one of my favorite parts of the state (is that a shameless hint?).

    1. Is the poppy blooming now? That’s early. I hear Borrego is blooming too, which is also early. We plan to go see the superbloom, but the timing is trickier this year. There is one more storm in the forecast. If it hits, the bloom will be incredible. Big Sur is without parallel. They had a lot of slides, so I am not sure how the roads are now. We were there in the fall დ

      1. I think my news is current, but then I don’t have the best of relationship with time. Couldn’t resist doing some images for the blooms myself. But you go check because some areas were restricting access because of overcrowding in the past.

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  8. I love the palm trees at sunset — they’re stunning! But that photo of the beach warms me to the core! I’m seriously in need of walking in sand along a sunny beach.

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  10. Anonymous

    thank you for sharing especially the sunset/dusk photos – just indescribably beautiful. the santa barbara region is one of my favorite places ever.

  11. Anonymous

    Would be nice to walk along this quiet and empty beach, listen the waves whispering or roaring, and enjoy these lovely views.

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