Archive | February 2023

Harried Heron~

Doesn’t appreciate the prickly bird guard.

But herons,

are not deterred,

by thorns.

They dance on them!

Other critters,

will shy away,

but herons are here to stay!

Cheers to you from the thorn dancing egrets~

Note: Snowy Egrets are members of the Heron family.

Cali Coast~

Sunset over Channel Islands National Park.

The palms stand sentinel,

with the setting sun.

In daylight,

people come to play.

The vigilant palms,

are happy now,

with storms, and lots of rain.

Cheers to you from the central California coast~

Holler Feeder~

The Holler after the rains.

The birdies are happy,

healthy and fat!

For the first time we have goldfinch in large numbers, (tap or click to enlarge to see flying bird detail)

feasting on a bowl of seeds,

along with all the other finches and sparrows. The little black seeds you see scattered all over are thistle seeds. It is the first time I put thistle out and the goldfinch love it!

The tiny gold beauties,

manage to hold their own,

with the much larger,


It’s no brag,

just fact,

The Holler has the very best neighbors!

Cheers to you from The Happy Holler Heavies~