People Watcher~

This learned looking, Spectacled Owl (click/tap to enlarge),

looks like he’s none too impressed with us humans.

Wise old owl!

Spectacled Owls are native to Mexico, Central and South America, and the species is doing well.

I met him at his home, where he flies free, at Avian Behavior International in rural Southern California.

Cheers to you from the learned, and wisely unimpressed owl~

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    1. I was chatting with a helpful WP engineer who wants to know if bloggers are still experiencing this and how they noticed it. I will be doing a post on this and sharing it with WP. Please share you experience in the comments section of that post. And you are right about the owl, he is wise to be unimpressed! 😉

  1. These photos are so wonderfully clear. I feel like I’m right there with my nose a couple of inches from the owl’s face. As for being kicked off your list by WP, I sure don’t want that to happen. I so much look forward to your posts. Have a great day, Cindy.

  2. A few blogs I was following have been kicked off without notice by WP over the last year. Luckily I realized this when I read other blogs referring to posts by those bloggers. But I think this should not happen!

  3. Love owls he looks very Wise… I wondered why I have not been getting updates, this is the first I have seen in a while from you Cindy within my notifications… So who knows what is going on within WP or other platforms as it seems many taking it upon themselves in censoring etc…
    Sending Love and Hugs your way… <3

    1. I will be doing a post on the unfollowing/notifications issue. WP wants to know if it happened to you and how you noticed it. So please share your experience when I do the post. Cheers to you Sue & thank you დ

    1. I will be doing a post about this and sharing it with WP. They want to know if this is still happening and how people noticed it. So please comment on the post if you had this happen to you.

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  5. For only two dimensions your photos surely say much about textures. Spectacular feathers. Sorry about WP issues (shame on them); they used to be the best but more so now, just better than the others (the fate of too much success I think).

    1. Thank you very much Neil. I was just working with a very helpful WP engineer. They want to know more about blogger’s who experience unfollowing so I will be doing a post enquiring about this. Take good care my friend დ

  6. They screw me up when in the middle of the night they change my infinite school button to turning the page. I cuss, go to be a this week the problem is gone. U think it comes down to WP always making changes that create havoc on out sites and never give a heads-up or have lied to me when I’ve contacted the. Pain in my ass.

  7. You humans think too much of yourselves, says the Wise Old Owl in the caption photo. >Thanks for the info about WP’s unsolicited control of our followers. I’ve experienced similar disconnections but considered it some glitch in the system. Are they facing technical problems with the growing number of bloggers or is there some ulterior motive?

    1. I was just working with a very helpful WP engineer who wants to know if people are experiencing this and how they noticed it. I told the engineer that I would do a post asking about this and share it with him/her, so I will do this. Please share your experience in the comments section when I do this post and I will pass it on to WP. And, the owl is right, isn’t he Rosaliene, we do think too much of ourselves 😉 დ

  8. He does look like he’s wearing spectacles! I’m glad to hear that this species is doing well. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of him. 🙂

    I’ve noticed WP follow/unfollow issues with other blogs (I’ve suddenly unfollowed a blog and then have had to go looking for it when I’ve realised that a post from the blogger in question is overdue) but I don’t think people have been unfollowed by WP from my blog. I agree that this situation is very irritating. WP is supposed to be providing a service and should be attending to it better than this.

    1. I am going to do a post asking people about this. I was just working with a very helpful WP engineer who wants to know if this is happening to people and how they noticed it. I notice it when I find myself in the odd position of being unfollowed from myself! 🙂

    1. Thank you Rebecca, but I am actually an owl hooter. I have hooting discussions with them regularly at The Holler. Of course, not unusually, I have no idea what I am saying….. 😉 😉

    1. Laughing….. We’re gonna think anyway damn it, regardless of what the wise old owl has to say about it. Who gives a hoot! Thanks much my friend and take good care 😉

  9. Lovely bird indeed.
    I hear owls at night! I think some of the local zoo’s might have some owls…
    but I haven’t been to a zoo in a very long time.
    And this morning… brrr 29F.
    We are supposed to get our real first wintry mix tomorrow.

  10. Another owl??? This must be my lucky month! Thank you, Cindy — he’s gorgeously majestic! And indeed, he looks like he’s got answers for every possible question, doesn’t he?!

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    1. Hi Josh! Wonderful to hear from you. He is a rare sight for us in North America. I have been reading about the interesting things you are doing and I am happy for you. Happy Holidays დ

  12. I’m always impressed with how close you get to various birds, and how much fine feather detail you capture. That first owl pic really speaks – “I know what you’re thinking, and knock it off!”

  13. I’m undecided whether or not he is more beautiful than cute. That look😆!! I feel the way he looks when I see stupid people (I mean that in the nicest possible way). We’ve all seen ’em.

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