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Odd Birds~

They remind me,

very much,

of my childhood ballet teachers.

They have the same haughty


and graceful moves.

They love shaking their tutus,

and dressing up for opening night!

Who doesn’t?

Check out the even more graceful wild ones in South Africa at:

Wishing you a Joyous & Healthy New Year from the prancing dancers at Ostrich Land in California~

Peace & Merry Christmas To You~

Venice Italy

Strasbourg France

Barcelona Spain

Melk Austria

Cinque Terre Italy

Lisbon Portugal

Strasbourg France

St. Petersburg Russia

Vienna Austria

Dubrovnik Croatia

Santorini Greece

Budapest Hungary

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you from our fragile, precious world~

Santa Barbara Wine Country~

in late fall, (click to enlarge)

has it’s own,

fall palette.


put on a muted,

ombre display,

as the wine grapes are ready,

for harvest.

The trees,

are showing off too.

Cheers to you from Santa Barbara~

People Watcher~

This learned looking, Spectacled Owl (click/tap to enlarge),

looks like he’s none too impressed with us humans.

Wise old owl!

Spectacled Owls are native to Mexico, Central and South America, and the species is doing well.

I met him at his home, where he flies free, at Avian Behavior International in rural Southern California.

Cheers to you from the learned, and wisely unimpressed owl~

Canadian Colors~

Awesome Alberta, (click/tap to enlarge)

struts her stuff,

in early fall.



Mother Nature’s peaceful palette.

Cheers to you from astonishing Alberta~