The Holler has the best neighbors. (click/tap to enlarge)

Check out the marvelous modeling mama,


She is photogenic from every angle,

and loves having her picture taken.

She is a very friendly neighbor.

The orioles,

and acorn woodpeckers add a splash of color to the scene.

Cheers to you from our Holler neighbors~

122 thoughts on “Neighbors~

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  2. Now, this is why I need a really good zoom lens, Cindy! She is a beauty! I’m posting about fun feathers this week for Sunday Stills and I hope it’s OK that I added your post’s link to my round-up. NOt that you need more visitors, LOL! I used to see the acorn woodpeckers along the American River bike trail in Sacramento.

    1. I love acorn woodpeckers. They are such comical creatures. I look forward to seeing your Fun Feathers post Terri & so appreciate your thoughtfulness in including a link to my blog. Thank you my friend & cheers დ

  3. Your photos are extraordinarily beautiful, from any point of view. One can appreciate these birds at their best. I hope you have a happy week Cindy.

  4. A delightful selection of photographs – the grosbeak is on an aloe? Our aloes are coming into bloom now and the black-headed orioles brighten up our surroundings too.

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  7. Lovely! I kind of like Mr. Woodpecker for his(her) constastsy colors but I am so afraid of having around as he(she) can make good holes around your house 🙂

    1. Yes, they do chip away, but they are the most entertaining birds in the world to watch, so it makes up for the holes. They have lots of trees here, so they don’t bother The Holler and they are very shy unless there is grape jelly somewhere about! 😉

  8. Cindy – I love your neighbours! They each have a sweet song that comes through the WIFI.

    “The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird

  9. The reason I enjoy your images so much is because they engage not only sight, but other senses as well. I can “feel” the soft, delicate feathers on the Holler’s stomach as I look at them, I love that you can do that with an image!

  10. Those pictures are great. I would love to have feeders, but birds pooping on the porch and house drive my hubby nuts. Our woodpeckers drive me crazy because at least once a year they peck on our gutters. Apparently they are looking for a mate according to one of my neighbors.

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