The Holler has the best neighbors. (click/tap to enlarge)

Check out the marvelous modeling mama,


She is photogenic from every angle,

and loves having her picture taken.

She is a very friendly neighbor.

The orioles,

and acorn woodpeckers add a splash of color to the scene.

Cheers to you from our Holler neighbors~

122 thoughts on “Neighbors~

  1. The reason I enjoy your images so much is because they engage not only sight, but other senses as well. I can “feel” the soft, delicate feathers on the Holler’s stomach as I look at them, I love that you can do that with an image!


  2. Those pictures are great. I would love to have feeders, but birds pooping on the porch and house drive my hubby nuts. Our woodpeckers drive me crazy because at least once a year they peck on our gutters. Apparently they are looking for a mate according to one of my neighbors.


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