The Golden Boys~

are back,

at The Holler!

The golden girls are too.

This guy is a Bullocks Oriole.

All the rest are Hooded Orioles.

They are amazingly fun birds to have around,

because they have such comical personalities.

They head-bob, bicker, play and people watch.

Cheers to you from the handsome Holler orioles~

168 thoughts on “The Golden Boys~

    • Their coloring is very similar though. I make the same mistake. They are really fun birds to live with because they are continuously bickering and bobbing and chattering at each other! დ


  1. Orioles are lovely critters, Cindy, and I thank you for showing them up close to us. For some odd reason, I don’t see too many here. Guess I should research that when I get some time.


  2. Wonderful. You must have a great camera to go with your keen eye.
    We just saw a yellow and black bird in the garden, last week. To far to identify… I’ll see if it comes back…


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