The most,

hummers get,

to rest,

all day.

Their daylight hours are spent packing on calories,

to survive their torporous nights.

Cheers to you from the resting hummers~

(Click the photos to enlarge if you would like to see more detail.)

196 thoughts on “Seconds~

  1. Such gorgeous photos Cindy. I’ve been seeing hummers all summer on a tiny forest trail that almost no one uses. There’s a section where I hear them always that I’ve now named Hummer Hollow. Today one stopped (briefly!) about 1.5 ft from my face, and then later another flitted around a bit and then sat on a tiny branch to say hello. Magic!

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    • Smiling……They are winged magic. Coming close like that means she/he wants to know you better. I think it is quite an honor. When they really know you, they hover so close to your eyes that I make my eyes not focus on purpose, because it is a bit disconcerting, how much I trust them: knowing for sure they will be both so skillfully precise to not hurt my eyes, and so honorable, that I know they never will. Love to you Alison დ

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  2. So cool you shared these darlings. Just this morning, every time I peeked around the front door at the feeder, a particularly talkative & charismatic individual flew right to my face & said something. I don’t know what, but my intuition told me that he or she liked me almost as much as I liked it, that it appreciated the freshly made drink, and just possibly, it was playing peek-a-boo. I’m going to miss these tiny friends.


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