Mr. Ring Necked Duck~

Spots the intruder!

He fixes his golden eye,

on me and never lets me,

out of his sight,

until I leave.

He has a nest to protect!

Cheers to you from Mr. Good Daddy Duck~

167 thoughts on “Mr. Ring Necked Duck~

  1. He (with the look in his golden eye) appears so elegant in the 1st photo; he is a bit self-absorbed in the 2nd; he’s a regular Don Juan in the 3rd; he’s contemplating his own Don Juan-ness in the 4th while enjoying a drink; in the 5th photo, he is confident in his own… everything that he is; and finally, at shot 6, he’s just a bit cool & aloof about it all. These are gorgeous photos that I believe also capture some personality, though I’m just making up my own version of him for fun. Ducks are so cute & funny to watch. Thank you for teaching me that these ducks exist. – so pretty


  2. I am so in awe of the creativity that went into designing the colours and patterns found on the coats, feathers, shells, and all of nature! Your images bring them out at their best!


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