Mr. Ring Necked Duck~

Spots the intruder!

He fixes his golden eye,

on me and never lets me,

out of his sight,

until I leave.

He has a nest to protect!

Cheers to you from Mr. Good Daddy Duck~

167 thoughts on “Mr. Ring Necked Duck~

    • Good question, to which I didn’t know the answer, but thankfully wiki is here to enlighten us. Here is the answer and it’s a doozy: “The scientific name is derived from Greek aithuia, an unidentified seabird mentioned by authors including Hesychius and Aristotle, and Latin collaris, “of the neck” from collum, “neck”.[3] დ

  1. Awesome bird you show up here Cindy 👌
    I love the reflection in the water and the lovely brith color in there eyes. Excellent photography 👌👍🤗✔️

    • They do. I don’t need to tell you how utterly amazing birds are. With birds, so often, one is dumbstruck by the beauty of their composition. Some ornate duck species have no real reason for looking like the real works of art they are.

  2. Bravo, Cindy. You captured what the bird was thinking, doing and watching. Great photography! Is that some blue on the beak? How long until the young ones hatch? Enjoy the weekend! ox

  3. He (with the look in his golden eye) appears so elegant in the 1st photo; he is a bit self-absorbed in the 2nd; he’s a regular Don Juan in the 3rd; he’s contemplating his own Don Juan-ness in the 4th while enjoying a drink; in the 5th photo, he is confident in his own… everything that he is; and finally, at shot 6, he’s just a bit cool & aloof about it all. These are gorgeous photos that I believe also capture some personality, though I’m just making up my own version of him for fun. Ducks are so cute & funny to watch. Thank you for teaching me that these ducks exist. – so pretty

  4. I am so in awe of the creativity that went into designing the colours and patterns found on the coats, feathers, shells, and all of nature! Your images bring them out at their best!

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