The Badlands in Anza Borrego State Park in Southern California formed about 4 million years ago.

The unique topography is primarily sandstone, mudstone and claystone.

This whole area was once an ancient sea, and fossils abound in this arid part of the desert.

“The Badlands may be the best place in North America to view sediments from the Pliocene and Pleistocene Epochs.”

The maximum summer temperature recorded here was was 122F .

The hottest I have experienced was 119F.

In the spring, fall and winter though, the Badlands are temperate and comfortable, good for hiking and exploring.

Cheers to you from The Borrego Badlands~

Factual Source:,remote%20springs%20and%20mysterious%20concretions.

176 thoughts on “Badlands~

  1. Great photos of the area, Cindy. I’ve never been a desert person but my last husband and his kids loved that area. I think they took dune buggies and motorcycles and rode in the area. At least that’s the best my memory comes up with. I know they talked about it a lot.


      • I believe so, but it is not visible for human eyes. And probably it is right, it is safer for them.
        With no people the Nature is revive fast and have real beauty. Recently, I’ve read some articles and watched documentary about Chernobyl zone. After people left it because of catastrophe of 1986, the wild life in 30 years just had it renaissance. Nowadays, so many kind of birds and animals live there with no human intrusion. And the most surprising thing, they do not suffer of radiation like people do.


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