Grace on Wings~

The Salton Sea in Southern California lies 227 feet below sea level. It is the largest lake in California and shelters at various times of the year, half of the variety of bird species found in the United States. Millions of birds visit the sea annually.

American Avocets get their name from the Italian word ‘avosetta,’ which means graceful.

They are slender waders that feed mainly on crustaceans and insects.

Avocets used to be widespread across the United States,

but the species was killed off in much of it’s eastern range by the early 1900’s.

The Salton Sea is a critical habitat for these, and many other bird species, but the sea is shrinking due to climate change and increased human demands for water. Efforts are underway to help save the sea and the birds that rely on it. Time will tell if these efforts will be enough.

Cheers to you from the graceful avosettas at The Salton Sea~

For more about Avocets see:

200 thoughts on “Grace on Wings~

  1. And here I thought the Salton Sea was purely a human caused accident. In fact, it’s been a sea many time in history, this last time, being filled unintentionally by an engineering failure. “Over about two years, these two newly created rivers[19] carried the entire volume of the Colorado River into the Salton Sink.” Now, that’s a lot of water. ~1905.
    It sits on the San Andreas fault — time for a refill, maybe.

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  2. Such beauty and such sadness…thinking about how it could play out is making me anxious. Thank you, Cindy, for bringing such important environment questions to the forefront of people’s minds. ❀️


    • I am so glad. Watching birds in nature is excellent for your mind, body and spirit. I was reading a news story about a woman in the UK who nearly died in hospital from corona virus, while patients were dying around her. She said upon discharge, that she plans to spend as much time as possible now in nature, watching birds. Stay safe & well Hedy დ


  3. Thank you for introducing the avocets to us, Debra! I like all your pictures. But the second last is very special as it shows two American avocets in harmony with each other, something we all desire in these troubling times.


  4. Such beautiful birds. I hope the habitat can be maintained successfully. (btw I had a comment on my latest post supposedly from you. I’m sure it wasn’t, it went in spam, but just as a heads up you might want to change your password)


  5. Your magnificent photos reveal the beauty of the avocets that live in this immense Californian lake. The name of these birds goes according to the elegance they show.
    You give us some photographic delights. Good Sunday Cindy


  6. Such a beautiful bird. Sure hope there is success in maintaining their habitat as I suspect there are many living things that rely on it as their home.πŸ’•


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  8. What beauties! Their bills are magnificent.
    Save the whales!
    Save the bees!
    Save the Monarch butterfly!
    Save the Polar Bears!
    Save the Salton Sea!
    Save me!
    Cindy, is there anything but pigeons, sea gulls and certain insects that don’t need to be saved?
    BEAUTIFUL shots. Thank you!!!!


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