Look Who Came to Play Today~

A burrowing owl,

at his Salton Sea home in California.

He stayed out for his modeling shoot,

and didn’t fly off or run into his burrow.

He was definitely ready for his close-ups!

Burrowing owls (athene cunicularia hypugaea) are a California species of special concern and are listed as endangered in Canada and threatened in Mexico due to excessive development and habitat loss.

This is his Salton Sea home.

Cheers to you from Southern California’s sociable burrowing owl~

258 thoughts on “Look Who Came to Play Today~

  1. Cindy, you posted this just for me, didn’t you — I’m sure you remember how much I love owls!! This one’s a beauty, with his colorful feathers, immense talons, and hazel eyes, and I’m thrilled you got so many close-ups!


  2. Thanks for sharing these great photos of this interesting bird. I don’t think we have this species here on Vancouver Island. We have lots of trees here, and so that’s where our owls hang out. We frequently see Great Horned Owls. Rabbits and mice aren’t so happy to see them.


  3. How sweet!
    I get so tired of hearing about all the threatened animals.
    There is something wrong with humans….. EEEEEEEK!!!! I am one of them.
    Hugely embarrassing!
    Beautiful shots, Cindy.
    OH and we are in sync! I have owls in my post!! LOL


  4. Definitely a model behavior.Lol Than you for sharing another great impressions, Cindy! I am a little bit late, and hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, and before i will forget let me wish you and yours a blessed and happy New Year too. Michael


  5. I actually watched a (perhaps National Geo) special that included a burrowing owl at a golf course.
    The keeper finally had to relocate the fellow and low and behold – the bird found a mate after thinking he was all alone!! So cute!!

    Happy New Year!! Cheers, Jules


  6. They are so adorable. I had never heard of or imagined such a thing before the first time I went to Albuquerque. The power company (back then) had a live cam for “Bob the burrowing owl.” They are fascinating.
    I hope you had a delightful Christmas. Hugs on the wing!


    • They are utter charm and so threatened. I am glad a company had a cam, named a burrowing owl ‘Bob,’ and cared about him. Love and Happy New Year Teagan. I hope we spend 2021 together my friend 🍾 ❤


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