Sulphur Crests~

and golden tails,

feast on pine cones,

by bush lagoons.

Raucous flocks,

rest on scribbly gums.

While a curious cockatoo,

climbs down to me.

Cheers to you from Australia’s gorgeous sulphur crested cockatoos~

Note: Scribbly Gum are a type of NSW eucalyptus tree that have distinctive scribbles on their bark left by larval scribbly gum moths.

198 thoughts on “Sulphur Crests~

    • You are completely correct. They are super intelligent birds and can develop huge vocabularies and learn all sort of complicated things. They have excellent memories. დ


  1. It is the beauty and intelligence of these birds that sadly lead to some of them ending up in small cages as ‘pets’ – the worst kind of torture for any flying bird! Having seen a number cooped up like that, these photographs give me great pleasure as the ones you have photographed have space and can make their own decisions – you have a wonderful knack of getting the right ‘poses’ for your bird photographs.

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    • “the ones you have photographed have space and can make their own decisions.”
      You get it. Completely.
      This is why I go to Australia. The first time there I was confounded. I saw flocks of expensive ‘pet’ birds in the wild.
      Making their own decisions.

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    • Hope you don’t mind a drop in. The Sulphur Crested Cockatoos mate for life. And even if a partner dies they will usually stay alone. They can live till they are 80yrs old in the wild (captivity up to 120yrs). And the only way to tell male from female is their eyes. Males and females look alike, only up close and in strong light can it be noticed that the eye of the female has a lighter, reddish-coloured iris. Males have very dark brown irises. From a distance, eyes of all birds look black. Males have slightly larger heads, and stand taller than females, but the birds have to be seen in pairs for this difference to be noticeable. And their bite is very powerful, about 350 psi. πŸ™‚

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