Satin Bowerbirds~

Satin Bowerbirds are native to Australia. The birds pictured here are females. Males are dark black, but have the same startling blue eyes.

Bowerbirds are named after the elaborate stick structures called bowers that males build to attract a mate.

They use found objects, to decorate their bowers, the flashier and bluer, the better!

Females inspect the bowers, while the males dance near them, and females choose their mate based both on the dance and the bower.

Bowers are decorated with anything colorful the birds find, like pens, buttons, blue plastic, blue balloons, blue bottle caps, blue feathers etc. There have a definite preference for blue colors that match their eyes!

I am impressed with any guy who will not only build a house for his mate, but shop till he drops to decorate it, and dance for her too!


I didn’t find any bowers in Australia, but here is an image of a bower that I found on The San Diego Zoo’s website.

Photo Source: San Diego

Cheers to you from the lucky female Australian Bowerbirds~

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  1. Architecture and interior design at their together best!
    I’ve heard of this bird, and these are pics I’ll remember!
    Thanks, Cindy!

  2. Great photos. In my (zoo) images of the Satin Bowerbird the eyes look all blue. In yours, they seem to be blue irises. I’ve only got one very poor shot of a male and have never seen their bower so I was pleased you inserted a link showing one.

  3. They are very beautiful birds Cindy, I’ve had them living around me in groups but I’ve never seen an active nest. I think he tends to nest in slightly more remote places further away from homes so us humans won’t disturb his ‘chatting up the ladies’ boudoir 😂

  4. I was just reading that they have a complex social structure. I am certain that they have a language, much like crows and ravens. Ah, we live in a beautiful world, do we not?!! A wonderful post to begin my weekend. Hugs1

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  6. These are some lovely ladies with those blue eyes and variegated plumage. Thanks for providing the additional information about their behavior. I found it fascinating!

  7. Those eyes are like costume jewellery — bright and beautiful but somehow unreal…I followed the link to see the bower nest, an amazing construction. I was also struck by the number of blue bottle tops and what looked like blue straws surrounding it.

  8. Beautiful photos Cindy. I’ve been lucky enough to see the bowers in the wild. The male is gorgeous, and I believe he does all the child rearing on his own too

  9. Lovely blue eyes and a beautiful artistic nest. Shame that all blue things they find is actually plastic rubbish. It is nice though to decorate with blue, my colour also. 🙂

  10. I’ve always been a lover of brown eyes myself. But I have to say, those blue eyes grab your attention. And I’m doubly impressed with the house building. These fellas know how to put some effort into impressing/attracting their mate. I wonder if they keep it up after they win her heart?

    1. The males can spend up to two months making and decorating the bower, but once mating occurs, the female incubates and cares for the young by herself. Ah well, no one is perfect!! (ෆຶдෆຶ)

  11. As many said, those blue eyes and I also love her bottom feathers all the way down to her legs too. The pattern on the features and the shape of the legs look like hawk’s.

    1. I am touched by your very kind words. Thank you. One of life’s greatest gifts is the endless opportunities it presents to learn new things along the way! (ෆຶдෆຶ)

  12. Although I’ve seen photos and videos online about bowerbirds and the males’ behaviors, I’ve never seen photos that compare with yours! What beautiful birds! These shots of the females are just stunning – and their blue eyes are amazing!

  13. What a treat. You never cease to amaze, with your gorgeous and loving photographs. I can only wonder what it’s like to have eyes that blue. Wow! Incredible color. I love that the males have to woo the females and she females get to pick the prettiest home and the most dedicated male. 🙂 I saw a PBS program on them and the males try so hard. Dancing and decorating. 🙂 Thank you.

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  15. Those eyes! The blue is startlingly beautiful, and the nest is neat-o, too.

    I’d never heard of these birds before. Your blog is so full of new-to-me info, that I leave feeling like a real smarty pants.

  16. I’m with you, Cindy — building a house AND decorating it AND dancing are amazing attributes for a man seeking a mate, ha! Beautiful captures, and I do love their blue eyes! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  17. So few birds with such wonderful blue eyes (bright blue not bluey-gray etc), very few indeed of which are commonly found. White ibis and white goose are the only ones I can think of offhand. So lovely to see.

  18. What a gorgeous bird. Maybe that’s why I like blue so much because I have blue eyes and see the world that way… hee hee hee…

  19. I just watched a Cosmos show I think Monday eve and there was talk about the differences of humans to other species and intelligence and what we do for each other, like building homes! And I believe the Bower Birds nest was shown a few different ones – yes there was quite a bit of blue too! Stunning little critter birdies 😀

  20. Just read a chapter on bower birds in “The Thing with Feathers” and I found it interesting that the female bower birds choose their mate based on the bower they like best but then they go build a different nest to lay their eggs!

  21. This posting sounds very funny. The bowerbirds are fantastic, and maybe the are preparing for the next generations, becoming industrial designers. Lol Thank you for a great moment of distration too, Cindy. Stay well and save. Michael

  22. A million or so years ago (as a child in school) I was told I was colorblind. I do believe it incorrect but today, those stunning eyes look almost violet to me. My paternal grandmother (Swedish) had violet eyes but a much lighter shade. Your ability to capture the vibrancy is stellar.
    Bon santé et bisous!

      1. Usually, it was called being “weird”. Unique sounds much nicer. I always knew I was different and didn’t care to change that. Though those about me, were determined… I answer to nobody but my conscience, and of course two felines. ❤

                  1. You must be looking over my shoulder. The book has not arrived yet, but my research has begun. I haven’t a clue what this will feel like (to others that would be “look like”). ❤

  23. Very cool! We had a private guide and saw a male satin bowerbird – still can’t get over his purple eyes. Didn’t see a bower though. We didn’t linger because jet lag suddenly overtook us and we went back to the hotel for a nap!

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