Oasis Reflected~

In the stark desert landscape,

The Inn at Death Valley

is an oasis

transforming the desert

into a tropical paradise

bursting with life.

Cheers to you from The Oasis at Death Valley~

Note: The Oasis Inn at Death Valley was built in 1927.

215 thoughts on “Oasis Reflected~

  1. How appropriate to have reflections at the year end. We can see the year in review, and reflect on beautiful things we’ve seen or done. May all the things we reflect on show us beauty. Lovely photos,Cindy. All the best for the new year.

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    • Oh my gosh, must have been so incredible! Furnace Creek is North America’s only true desert oasis. It has the highest recorded temperature on earth 134.something F. Just utter magic. I hate they changed the name. The Inn at Furnace Creek was a classic name.

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  2. You know I do love all the photos but specially for me was the second starting from the top.
    You really said ” Cheers to you from the Oasis of death”?
    It did gave me a title to write about, I´ll use it so don´t tell me is copyright infringment.
    Have a great Christmas Mrs. Knoke


  3. Sorry to be critical, Cindy, but when I see that totally senseless waste of water – creating such a resort in the desert – I get ever so desperate and loose the last vestige of hope I have for a sustainable future,


    • I hear you and respect your concern which I share. The pond you see in the sunset photo is recycled waste water and there is a non-potable spring they use for landscaping and for the pool which they don’t chlorinate so they can recycle the water. They have an active water conservation program which has won national awards. I would hate to see these gorgeous almost hundred year old Palm Trees die. But even with all this, it is hard to justify the verdant grounds while California is still in drought, so I do understand your concern.

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