Mission Inn~

The historic Mission Inn which occupies several blocks in downtown Riverside California is the largest Mission Revival building in the United States.

The Inn was built in 1902 by an engineer named Christopher Columbus Miller. His son Frank expanded his father’s original efforts, and added wings, rotundas, chapels, museums and galleries.

The building contains a mixture of Spanish Gothic, Moorish and Mediterranean revival architectural styles. There is a Spanish Wing, an Alhambra Wing, and flights of fancy everywhere you look.

Frank Miller traveled the world collecting museum quality treasures to fill the inn, including what some say is the oldest bell in in the new world dating from 1247.

There are two chapels on the property including the one pictured dedicated to St Francis of Assisi.

Louis Tiffany designed two of the mosaics in the chapel.

The Rotunda Wing features a five story open air staircase.

The rotunda tops a suite dedicated to the writer Anne Rice.

Presidents, world leaders, and many famous folk have stayed in the inn over its history and the inn has a presidential lounge dedicated to the many presidents who have stayed here.

The Inn began a period of slow decline in the 1960’s where ownership changed hands multiple times and bankruptcies occurred, eventually forcing the city of Riverside to purchase and close the property for eight and a half years. In 1992, The Historic Mission Inn Corporation purchased the property and reopened it in all its former glory.

I will show you more details and the interiors of this amazing building in my next post. Until then, cheers to you from The Mission Inn in Riverside California~

195 thoughts on “Mission Inn~

  1. What a beautiful building. Fortunately, it didn’t succumb to urban renewal during the 1960’s and 1970’s that demolished many fine historic buildings in downtown Albuquerque and other cities around the country.

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      • I’m intrigued Cindy, in the last picture (and in a couple of others) there is at the top, left of the picture what appears to be a ‘chimney’ or for want of a better word, a ‘tower’ with its own miniature roof and slots, up on the roof. If it is in fact a chimney the architecture for something so ‘out of sight’ so to speak is really telling the story of the love that this architecture brings to even the smallest of details πŸ˜€

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      • I am so glad you have visited here but I am very sorry about the loss of your husband. I am glad you visited here with him and you have these memories. I have no idea why I have never been here before. It was just never on my radar.

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  3. What stunning architecture! I never knew it was there on all my trips through that area. Of course, it’s not somewhere I would frequent but I love all the detail. I hope you are weathering the firestorms out that way and out of harm’s way.

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    • Riverside is a place I never visited, I say with embarassment since I have lived in the region all my life, now that I am here in the place, I was clearly wrong. I should have visited here before. You should see their antique street clocks. I am going to come back.
      And thank you, said it right Marlene. Firestorms. This is what they are. Hurricane winds carrying fire with their furious winds. They are scary. The winds carry sparks for miles, and since everything is dry it is forced to ignite.

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  5. Such a beautiful place and many interesting little features…As I was looking through the images my thought was how lovely it would be lit up and then I saw the image with the lighted windows as always superb images, Cindy πŸ™‚ x

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  6. A very interesting inn. It does not seem to appear as inn but more of living mansion rather to me. Each floor has different outside designs. If it was a type of inn or hotel today, they all will look similar giving guests similar access , perhaps except one or two floors. I also love how the two side meet too. The place invites to explore through out.

    Great picture tour from the outside of this interesting inn.

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  7. It’s beautiful how your pictures capture the magnificence of the architecture and still retain the details that make it feel β€œhomey”. Like the grand fountain of the lions softened with the greenery and the pumpkins. Beautiful duality!

    I can see why it was chosen as a film site. Have you been able to experience any of the amenities?

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    • Thank you for such thoughtful perceptions. We stayed a night and toured durying the day. We ate dinner al fresco which was delightful. I hear the spa is wonderful. We do want to return as the holiday lights are said to be incredible.


  8. I’ll be near there in early December. Looks as though I should extend our stay if rooms are available. Thank you, Cindy, for this excellent re-introduction! (Visitted once, but only for lunch.)

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