The Smiling Chipmunks of Riding Mountain~

Cheeky little chippers,

stand their ground when you come close!

Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba Canada has a ‘Red Chair Program,’ where two red Adirondack chairs are placed at random, often remote locations throughout the park, encouraging you sit for a spell and soak up the scenery.

The park consists of 1,146 mi² of mostly remote, scenic forest.

It is filled with pristine lakes,

and endless opportunities to soak up the solitary scenery.

Unfortunately we were a bit too early to see the birch leaves turn.

Cheers to you from Riding Mountain National Park~

260 thoughts on “The Smiling Chipmunks of Riding Mountain~

  1. The chipmunks are delightful and beautifully photographed.  Glad they are at ease near people.  Have heard that Siberian chipmunks are also mellow.  My only experience is with the high-strung chipmunks in NE US.  They chirp loudly and run away, but they are cute while still in sight, which is not for long.


  2. So relaxing to step into these pictures and just be.

    I love the chipmunks. They are so inquisitive, and
    so busy, yet they always have time to stop and
    chitter for a minute. Your photos are just spectacular
    and your comments enhance even the perfect.


    • I was kinda bummed I didn’t see any chippers on the chairs. That would have made a great shot and title. I once photographed chickenz on Adirondack chairs in Rarotonga. Loved the shot. People said, “Oh, nice chickens. Do you just let them wander all over your yard?” Laughing…..If I had chickens I probably would.

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  3. Stunning parkland, and a wonderful home for those sweet as sugar chipmunks.
    Cindy, I’ve never see a chipmunk in person. Squirrels aplenty, chipmunks, not.
    Raccoons… well I do live in the Raccoon Capitol of the World (dubious honour)
    Now skunks, there’s a cute animal …… to avoid. LOL!


  4. The Red Chair Program – what a great idea to encourage visitors to just stop for a while and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the park! And I didn’t know the name of the chairs is Adirondack even though I’ve always liked the design. Thanks for that as well as the gorgeous photographs as always, Cindy!


  5. I enjoyed seeing the chipmunks up close and personal. Of course I was reminded of naughty Alvin and his sidekicks. Nature’s color palette is spectacular in the park photos. I also like the Red Chair program.


    • Seeing any species that is not endemic to where you live is always a thrill. Did I tell you about the lady in S. Africa who was rather dismissive of my thrill at seeing the crocodiles? She sniffed, “Well, they are quite common.”
      I replied, “Not in California,” and proceeded to takes tons of photos of them in the river.
      The memory is still a thrill.

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  6. We took a train ride in Jim Thorpe, PA. A little early for the leaves too, but we did see a couple of ‘red’ ones. It used to be coal country with most of the trees gone. A gal on the train said most of the trees we were seeing were new growth of about forty/ fifty years at least on either side of the train.
    Lots of mountains and lakes, but we didn’t get to the lakes.

    I’ve got some chipmunks or (smaller) voles in my yard. I can’t get up near close enough for a photo they are quick!


  7. Your photography never disappoints Cindy. I couldn’t help but smile at the pictures of the chipmunks, they’re so darn cute! The scenery is spectacular. I hope you are doing well. ~Steph


      • You’re welcome Cindy. This summer I traveled a bit and couldn’t help but think of you while I was hiking a mountain out in Utah. I was on a retreat for blind and visually impaired women and as I soaked in the environment around me I felt so free and lighthearted. The scenery was so beautiful and memories of your adventures flitted through my mind. You are so fortunate to be an adventurer and now that I’ve got a small sampling of what it’s like I hope to expand beyond my comfort zone.


        • Oh your makes me happy! How wonderful you did this and I am so so pleased you will continue it. I have been aware that I calmest when I am in the wilderness and happiest when I am around wild creatures. It makes me very feel wonderful to think of your hiking in gorgeous Utah and I do hope you continue to explore. Love to you & happy wandering ❤

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  8. We lived in Dauphin, Manitoba for a few years. It’s just a few kilometers from Riding Mountain Park. We loved the hiking trails, and having picnics surrounded by the natural beauty of the park. I’m glad you got to visit it, and post some great pictures. I love the Red Chair project!


  9. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine and commented:
    At the end of the day, I do enjoy sitting quietly and my preference is to have a beautiful view in front of me.. not always possible. However, you only have to pop over to Cindy Knoke’s blog to enjoy a wonderful collection of images, including these from Riding Mountain National Park.. with some adorable chipmunks. “Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba Canada has a ‘Red Chair Program,’ where two red Adirondack chairs are placed at random, often remote locations throughout the park, encouraging you sit for a spell and soak up the scenery” perfect


  10. Looks like a fascinating forest and place to explore and what a wonderful clever idea to put the two red chairs in remote locations. After a long hike or walk they would be a most welcomed addition for seniors like me. 🙂



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