Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue Sea~

Hudson Bay in Manitoba is massive, pristine, and full of wildlife.

Approximately 50,000 beluga whales spend the summer here to feed and give birth.

The Hudson Bay beluga population comprises 35% of the world’s total wild beluga population.

Belugas are very vocal whales, hence their nickname, ‘canaries of the sea.’

They respond to human singing, so I have spent time singing, “Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue Sea,” which they seem to love. They come like puppies when I sing, and sing back under water, so I do not care how ridiculous I know I appear.

The reason these belugas are curious, friendly, and approach human beings, is because they are not hunted in this area.

They swim upside down under the zodiac checking us out. They bump your hand if you trail it in the water. You can see this one approaching the back of the zodiac for a visit.

My son went snorkeling in a dry suit with them and they came immediately to him and played all around him.

Here is the zodiac we explore the bay in and our guide, Deb, who is the best guide we have ever had.

Cheers to you from the glorious and unspoiled Hudson Bay~

205 thoughts on “Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue Sea~

  1. What an amazing experience. That is fantastic that they are playful and love singing. My kind of creature. It is good to hear they are free in Hudson Bay and can play and sing as much as they want. I hope it never changes.

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    • Thank you Peter. I like the old building too. Hudson Bay is one of the mostly starkly beautiful places I have seen. This isolated ruin has a story to tell about survival in this harsh habitat. I wonder what the story is.

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  2. They sound like delightful beings to sing, play, and make friends. It’s nice to know they are appreciated and not hunted in Hudson Bay. I would love to experience them close up like that. Thanks for sharing the joy Cindy!


  3. What a fabulous post, Cindy! The Belugas are amazing and you’ve captured them beautifully.
    SING, SING!!!!

    I know it seems unspoiled up there in Hudson Bay, but there are many pollution issues. There are also encroaching global issues. As the polar ice melts, other countries seek the northwest passage.
    They would love a slice of our north, and constantly challenge our sovereignty. So far flag planting by Norway, Denmark, Russia (planted one under the water) & I’m not sure who else, have had their challenges rejected by the UN.
    No one gave a hoot until climate change. Now, everyone has their eyes on the raw resources: animal, vegetable and mineral.
    They who plunder the planet for profit continue their evil for $$$$$$$$$


  4. How precious that you sing to these whales and they come right to you, singing along with you! I think I’d simply love that! And your son is so fortunate to have been able to swim right alongside them. What wonderful creatures — and I’m thrilled no one’s hurting them!


    • The whole history of this place, it’s wild animals, and wild people, who live here all the time, and survive, is just utterly unique. The Hudson Bay and it’s wild creatures are doing better than they have since historical hunting was ridiculous and uncontrolled.

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  5. Goodness. I want you to be my travel planner. This whale expedition looks really stupendous. I can’t imagine seeing all the whales and hearing them. It’s also just a beautiful landscape.


    • Yep. Seemed that way to me too. There were people living here, who live here all season, and have done so all their lives. I envied them. Their life is so different from mine and possibly, actually, better.


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