Lake Quinault Lodge in Olympic National Park, Washington state, was built in 1925. You can see Jim walking in front of the historic old building.

The lodge lies on the shores of Lake Quinault and is nearly empty this time of year, which makes it an ideal time to visit the park.

Olympic National Park encompasses one of three temperate rain forests in the United States. Quinault receives an average of 12 feet of rain per year, making it the wettest place in the lower 48.

This rain creates a luscious forest full of ferns, hanging epiphytic mosses, wild roses and violets, and old growth trees, some over 1000 years old.

The lake itself provides safe harbor to over 100 bald eagles and a myriad of bird and mammal species, including the unique Roosevelt Elk. Quinault is home to four types of salmon, including giant chinooks weighing up to 126 pounds.

There are over fourteen different hiking trails in the Quinault area alone, making exploration of the stunning rain forest easily accessible.

You can hike to the olderst Sitka Spruce tree in the world, and explore The Valley of the Giants, home to six of the of the world’s largest trees of their species.

Cheers to you from stunning Quinault in Olympic National Park~

(Sorry, if I am off line and slow to respond. We are traveling in the Pacific Northwest and often out of wifi range. I will check in with you when I can. Until then, be well and take good care!)

217 thoughts on “Quinault~

  1. The photos are really extraordinary. They let see all the beauty of the landscape. An impressive forest to stay and live there and enjoy the silence and kindness of nature. A great trip Thanks for sharing.

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  2. What a beautiful place! I live in this general area–Vancouver Island, BC. Will you be visiting Canada on this trip? It’s an amazing place to live as long as you don’t mind a little rain!

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    • Vanouver Isand is at the top of my places to live, which we are still researching. I don’t mind the rain. I love everything about your island (and Canadians!) I have been to the islands many times, but it has never been enough. ❀

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  3. A truly majestic beauty. May America never be without it.
    Of Course a … president could demand the resources, therein.
    Hoping you guys will vote in a new president!!!!!!!!

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