Holler Lakes & Birds~

There are several lakes surrounding The Holler that provide wonderful places to hike, picnic and birdwatch.

This osprey was vigilant,

intently watching the lake for her next meal (despite the feather stuck on her beak.)

Bald eagles are congregating in greater numbers around Holler lakes,

which thrills me to no end, because they were almost wiped out locally, and I went decades without seeing them here.

Brewer’s Blackbirds are common at The Holler. They are very friendly birds and often eat out of my son’s hands.

Ring necked ducks were on the lake in force,

resting from migration.

The area around The Holler burned extensively in 2007, destroying 1000’s of homes and extensive habitat. You can see the progress of regrowth and the burned trees on the horizon.

Cheers to you from beautiful, burning, California, my native state~

270 thoughts on “Holler Lakes & Birds~

  1. So wonderful to see these exquisite photos, Cindy. There’s a theme of healing here with the fire recovery as well as the eagle recovery. I am happy to know your bald eagle population are increasing. Love the ring-necked ducks in the dazzling water photos. And wow–that close-up of the bald eagle is stunning.


    • There was no replanting in the extensive burned areas around where we live. Mother Nature is doing it all herself. Pine cones split and are often activated by fire. Even acorns, if they don’t get too charred, will sprout and root. The ash makes the soil nutrient rich. All the seedlings need is rain, which is in the forecast for Thursday! Hooray!

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    Ce jour
    je regarde le ciel et je pense
    je m’évade et m’envole dans le plus grand silence
    voir un monde meilleur
    Je rêve, je m’imagine que le bonheur est
    sans challenge,ni concurrence,ni vainqueur,ni vaincu
    Voir tout le monde avec le sourire
    Regarder les enfants , courir , sauter , s’amuser ,

    en cette période de Noel tout est beau

    Aimer toujours aimer quoi de plus beau
    sans le dire on peut le montrer , quel joli cadeau
    Je passe te souhaiter une bonne de journée ou soirée
    Gros bisous . Bernard


  3. All gorgeous and full of life! We watched in horror for weeks about the fires consuming California. My heart aches for those in the path of the beast. It’s awesome that you have some lakes and ponds in the Holler where wide life can find refuge. We must do better to help this poor planet survive. xk


  4. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Amie CINDY

    Un petit mot de tous les jours
    Ça va, merci!!
    C’est une marque de confiance , que je t’adresse
    Avec du soleil en abondance ou une nuit remplit de sommeil
    Pour moi
    Ces petits gestes viennent du cœur
    Je te fais aussi un clin d’œil que je puisse te faire sourire
    C’est une bonne recette du bonheur
    Gros bisous Bernard

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