Why Did He Go?

I remain as amazed by this question as this little toddler.

There is this wonder of birds, and children.

You want them to stay with you, but if they did, it wouldn’t be the same.

We are home now in sunny Southern California.

I still have more of Iceland to share,

but thought you might want a break from fire and ice,

to soak up a bit of sun and surf.

We still, desperately need rain, but like the song says, ‘you can’t always get what you want.’

Cheers to you from home sweet home~

202 thoughts on “Why Did He Go?

  1. Very wise. We want the bird to stay and the child to remain a toddler but oh what we would miss in the growing up and the changes.
    I know what you mean about rain. We finally got a little after 3 months dry. I think they said 111 days without rain. Could be a record for Portland but you are usually dry. I wish you rain. Welcome back home.


  2. The pure joy of a child discovering something new! Few things provide more moments than the ocean. I still remember my first visits as a youngster, just a wee bit north up around Watsonville working south to Morrow Bay. –Curt


  3. Torrey Pines Lodge… I couldn’t possibly be more intrigued! The views of the CA coast always take my breath away. Lovely shots, Cindy. La Jolla (sighs) I visited there once upon a time. While the circumstance couldn’t have been more horrid, I was and still am struck by the beauty and charm of the place. (And silly me… I thought you were based in Oregon. I just can’t keep up with everyone.) Hummingbird hugs to you and everyone at the Holler.


    • I was born and raised in La Jolla, and we did closely consider moving to Oregon, so you are intuitively spot on, which is no surprise. La Jolla is way too congested and developed now, but it was extremely charming back in the day. Hugs back to you Teagan & cheers too~


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