Iceland’s Whooper Swans~

Whooper Swans are the Eurasian cousin of North American Trumpeter swans.

They breed all over Iceland, and some overwinter in the thermally heated parts of Lake Myvatn. Interestingly, their North American Trumpeter Swan cousins do the same thing, spending winter in the thermally heated parts of the Yellowstone River.

These beauties are aptly named as they certainly seem to enjoy trumpeting!

Whooper Swans mate for life,

and their cygnets, and grown offspring, often overwinter with them.

Cheers to you from Iceland’s beautiful swans~

229 thoughts on “Iceland’s Whooper Swans~

  1. Beautiful birdies. I saw a small warbler that I hadn’t seen before on a branch above my feeder.
    An American Redstart. I hope to see it again… but it might have just been passing through to warmer climes.

    Cheers from another rainy day here – Jules


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  3. These Swans are beautiful. We see a few ducks around here and on occasion geese as they migrate but swans I rarely remember seeing unless it’s a sanctuary situation. Guess I don’t get out enough. 😉 Your photographs are amazing as always.


  4. They are beautiful aren’t they. We seldom see them in Alberta, but they do reside in some parks where they’re cared for with heated house and a warming pond that stays open over winter. I loved watching them in Lucerne, Switzerland against the local views. xK


  5. The strange thing about these birds they come to Burlington Ontario in winter time. The place they staying over winter is Lake Ontario near the huge steel plant. It seems to me the water is not really clean enough there. However they are there every single year and thanks people can survive even when the winter is pretty cold.


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