Froggie Went A’Courtin~

Either Mrs Toad is expecting, or she is feasting on far too many bugs! She is over 5 inches long and quite chubby.

Dragon, the fly, needs to keep his distance, because Mrs T can spring into action quite suddenly.

Mrs T is a clever critter, who waits patiently at the right time of day for the drip line to start emitting precious water, providing needed relief for an overheated toad on hot summer days.

T is a California Western Toad, a threatened species of ‘special concern,’ due to die offs caused by fertilizer contamination, disease, and habitat destruction.

Western Toads are terrestrial, and we have a thriving colony of them inside The Holler fences.

Cheers to you & happy weekend from the comfortably chubby, and quite toadish, Mrs Toad~

236 thoughts on “Froggie Went A’Courtin~

  1. Whatever all she is finding to eat makes her look more lethargic than energetic. She definitely has had a diet rich in calories. 🙂 Maybe the dragon fly will be safe, for the moment.

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  2. Yes, life is best lived in the moment, and I think Mrs T eats as if she is living her last moment. Smart for a toad 🐸 But the Dragon🐉, the Fly, is even smarter, as he is ancient, and has lived here forever, so he knows some things Mrs T does not.

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  3. Hopefully, Mrs Toad is just expecting a large family of little toads. Love the shot of the dragon fly. There are many in my friend, Sabine’s back yard that are the same color. Fertilizers should all be organic matter, noting else. When will folks figure that out? ;( Keep taking care of the little creatures. You have such a big heart.

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  4. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I love sharing Cindy Knokes fabulous photographs of the critters that she shares The Holler with.. today certainly a little change from the delicate humming birds and fluffy owlet, but a creature who is equally precious, especially as the California Western Toads are endangered. She may not look like a supermodel but that face is very cute.. just watch out Mr. Dragonfly as Mrs. T. is light on her feet and has a long tongue….

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  5. Beautiful photos of the toads and dragonfly, Cindy. A dragonfly landed on my hand one day and I spoke to it. It stayed on my hand for a few minutes and appeared to be listening to me. My husband snapped some photos. It was amazing. It put it on my blog. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Hugs xx

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