Reflections on a Silent Sea~

The Salton Sea,

in summertime,

is scorching,



and stunning.

No one here but you,

and the silent sea.
Good news for a change! California voters passed Proposition 68 this week which will allocate $200 million dollars towards saving The Salton Sea. The monies are earmarked towards rebuilding the wetlands that are so crucial to migrating birds and to conserving all the wildlife that depend upon the sea. Funds are also allocated to mitigate the harmful dust that is damaging human health. Everyday, amidst all the negativity, so many people do very good things! Thank you California voters for protecting our wild creatures and wild spaces.
Cheers to you from the soon to be saved Salton Sea~

223 thoughts on “Reflections on a Silent Sea~

  1. Thank you for the good news Cindy! It’s good to know there are some places in this country with the good sense to know we must preserve our environment! Silent Spring came to mind as I write. I don’t ever want one of those or a silent summer, winter or fall for that matter.


  2. Yay! California! I saw a documentary on the Salton Sea many years ago, and it was already quite problematic back then. Thanks for sharing the good news. 🙂


  3. Gorgeous photos, Cindy, and wonderful to hear about the passage of Prop 68. It’s a relief and a blessing to focus on the positive amid the chaos. Thanks so much for sharing the good news! ❤️


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    • Manchmal wissen Sie, dass eine Person ist ein sehr guter Mensch.Dies ist, was ich uber Sie wissen. Ich freue mich immer auf Ihren Kommentar zu erhalten und einen Blog zu besuchen.Ich habe noch nie auf den Teil von Frankreich wo es Flamingos.Ich habe davon gehört. Es muss fantastisch sein.
      I am so sorry. I know I brutalized the language. But it is such a beautiful language.


  5. We live in a beautiful world and there are many, many people who will stand with the people of California. Thank you for this hopeful and profound news. We can make a difference – together.


  6. That is good news, Cindy!
    I love these peaceful photos. I can hear the silence. (I remember an old Gomer Pyle rerun from my childhood, where he talks about listening to the quiet. The concept always stayed with me.) Hugs.


        • It is encouraging, in that the problems may be ameliorated, somewhat, in that the wild animals that depend on the sea, and the people who live near it, could be benefitted and not killed. It is complicated, more so than most people who haven’t visited the sea all their life realize. I will do a post next, I think, clarifying things, but only a bit. Although, I tend, on purpose, to avoid, hitting hard things head on, since many others do it, and it creates such a realistically depressing onslaught it can be overwhelming.


  7. Beautiful area and stunning photos, Cindy. Pleased to hear that some people care unselfishly about the planet and nature…the silent, peaceful majority, for once in the history of mankind, need to speak with whatever peaceful tools we have and our money seems to be quite a tool!

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