Cape Sounion~

Cape Sounion, the southern tip of The Attica Peninsula in Greece, is the site of the stunning Temple of Poseidon built-in 440 BC on top of an earlier temple destroyed in a prior war.

Archeological finds at The Cape date from as early as 700 BC.

According to Greek Mythology, Poseidon God of the Sea, was second in importance only to Zeus, the supreme Deity. For an ocean reliant society like Ancient Greece, the God of the Sea, controller of storms and shipwrecks, was critically important to appease. This temple was the site of many ceremonies in Poseidon’s honor, often attended by entire city states, that sometimes included animal sacrifice.

The temple stands 200 feet above the sea, is rectangular in shape, and originally had 34 columns, supporting an exterior colonnade on all four sides.

A 20 foot tall statue of Poseidon stood inside the structure made of bronze and covered in gold leaf.

Lord Byron made at least two trips to The Temple, reportedly signed his name at the base, and mentioned it in his poem, The Isles of Greece:

“Place me on Sunium’s marbled steep,
Where nothing, save the waves and I,
May hear our mutual murmurs sweep;
There, swan-like, let me sing and die:”

Sounion is an upscale summer home location for Athenians, with some of the most expensive real estate in Greece, some villas reportedly worth 20 million or so euros. The town is lovely, with quiet beaches, quaint restaurants, and a variety of wonderful places to stay, that thankfully are not as expensive as the surrounding real estate.

We are home at The Holler now, and I am posting at home about places we visited on our last trip, so it is still:
Cheers to you from beautiful Cape Sounion & Poseidon’s Ancient Temple~

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196 thoughts on “Cape Sounion~

  1. What a stunning location and I can feel the atmosphere from your photos. I love how this ‘newer’ temple from 440BC stands in the ruins of an even older one! Glorious pictures and as a sea-lover I have the greatest respect for Poseidon! 😀

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  2. Bonjour ou mon bonsoir CINDY

    Je ne suis pas présent tous les jours

    Mais notre amitié est comme une fleur ou

    comme une orchidée ou celle-ci fleurit parfois

    Dans des endroits insoupçonnés

    Cette fleur il faut savoir la cultiver et en prendre soin

    Avec tendresse et patience

    Je te souhaite une belle journée ou soirée bisous

    de même pour tous les tiens

    Bernard bisous

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    • Laughing…..I hear you! If it makes you feel any better, I waited a long time to be able to do this. Reading this comment did make me realize, I need to go check out Targette’! I am certain there must be things there I need, and just haven’t realized until I go! It’s great how that happens isn’t it! Especially for Target. 😉 😉


      • I just saw your comment and replied. 🙂 WordPress is playing nasty again. 😦 You do know I’m self hosted? That means there’s no ‘follow’ button but a sign up for emailed posts once a week. But you should still be able to see me in the reader. ❤


  3. I like the idea of quiet beaches and quaint towns. Plus, I love travel that affords interesting lessons in ancient history. Mr B mostly enjoys relaxing on holidays, so Greece sounds very appealing. Thanks too for sharing that poem by Byron. Wouldn’t it have been posh to travel there in his day and stand there in your wrinkled linen travel attire whilst he rambled on. Seems he was a bit of a scoundrel too ;/ Most likely a better travel mate than husband 😀 What on Earth is that growing in your last photo? Is that at home? It’s spectacular! Cheers, Boomdee


  4. Excellent work and presentation,I wish my posts on Ancient Olympia & Sounion were as brilliant as yours,dear Cindy!Delighted you appreciated and enjoyed your visits to my country.Sending hugs & respect your way 🙂 ❤


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