The Grizzlies Are Sleeping~

all snug in their beds,
while dreams of salmon,

dance in their heads.

Last year at this time I posted the highlight of 2015 which was spending time with Mama-Griz and Her Mini-me in Glacier National Park in Montana.

This year the highlight of 2016 was spending time with the twenty six or so grizzlies and cubs in the Knight Inlet in Canada.

It is an absolute thrill to observe and photograph these magnificent creatures in the wild. I took so many photos in the inlet and thought I would share some more with you.

The grizzly bear is listed as a threatened species in the contiguous United States and endangered in parts of Canada.

Ursus Artos Californicus is the symbol of my state, California. In 1866, a grizzly described as weighing as much as 2,200 pounds was killed at The Holler, the biggest bear ever found in California. Today this California species is extinct.

Does this guy look like a well fed and happy Baloo Bear to you?

It is my sincere hope that the remaining grizzlies in North America will be allowed to live out their lives in peace. Cheers to you from the now sleeping grizzlies of the Knight Inlet~

273 thoughts on “The Grizzlies Are Sleeping~

  1. OK Cindy– this is thrilling (and a little scary!!) that you can get such close up, detailed photos of these guys! They really are beautiful animals– so much better than seeing them in a zoo! Do they notice you taking photos?? I’m just a little worried for you! be careful!!


  2. Bonjour ou Bonsoir CINDY que c’est beau ces images sur l’ours

    Quand je suis de passage sur ton blog

    Je le regarde et j’aperçois une grande lumière

    Je me dis que sur celui-ci, j’ai une personne

    avec de la gentillesse dans le cœur

    Cette amitié est pour moi un paysage

    Où on y viens qui efface les moindres petits nuages

    L’amitié ce n’est pas un feu de bois, loin de là

    C’est de partager ensemble

    Des moments intenses de toute beauté

    Merci à toi, d’être là

    C’est un pur bonheur rempli de douceur

    Passe une belle journée ou une belle soirée

    Bisous , Bernard


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