Happy Holler Christmas to You!

Folks at The Holler celebrate Christmas in a Big Way!
One of our neighbors fills their multiple acre property with hundreds of decorations.
Each year there are more!
Many of them have moving parts. There is a almost life size Santa flown airplane with a runway that lands!
Some are twenty feet tall and the lighted trees are taller!
And this is all done by one Hollerite family!
Christmas is serious out here. I think the coyotes are impressed because they don’t chew the electric cables and coyotes chew EVERYTHING!
To be honest I get the Christmas bug too…..

But not to the same impressive degree!
Happy Holler Christmas to you and yours!

270 thoughts on “Happy Holler Christmas to You!

  1. We notice that the further back in the woods our neighbors are the more likley they have extensive displays. Some friends ask why we put up lights on our porch and deck when “no one will see them”. “For us”, I reply. I believe that Mary and Joseph arrive with the donkey at the stable this afternoon. The shepherd and sheep are in the woods, nearby, too. The Magi start their trek to 12th Night Monday, at our neighbor’s fire-ring. Merry Christmas.


  2. You said “Christmas is serious here”… you guys take it to the next level of seriousness. But beautiful, a very Christmassy spirit. Here in my house there are absolutely no decorations. Not even Santa came….. heΒ΄s getting old and too fat is my guess.
    Merry Christmas again


    • Well I didn’t actually do any exterior lights, it was a fellow Hollerite whose lights you were seeing here. I decorate a bit inside though. Hope your Christmas and New Year are kind to you Charly~


  3. I am always amazed at the dedication and spirit of Christmas that these people share with the world around them, just stunning. Hope you had a lovely peaceful Christmas my friend and best wishes and safe travelling in 2017, where ever that may take you.


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