Standing Up For Yourself~

This little Yellowleg gave me quite a scolding for coming near him!
He may be little, but he’s tough and quite loud, and he stood his ground!
Eventually he settled down with me around.
I understand he feels territorial.

There’s lots of birdies at The Salton Sea,
and a little Yellowleg needs to hold his claim.
Cheers to you from the wintering birds at The Salton Sea~

190 thoughts on “Standing Up For Yourself~

  1. It sounds like he really did hold his ground when you came close! Careful out there – photography can be dangerous by the looks of it 😉 Sending love! Great photos as always, Cindy ❤


  2. These are rare over here (NW Europe), although we have similar birds with red legs (redshank) and green legs (greenshank)! That’s a super first photo in the series: the reflection looks like a giant beak. Wonderful!


  3. You really captured the individual personality of the leggy one and his perfect reflection – all of your series of the migratory birds by the Salton Sea is just perfect.


  4. Very cool! Near our place, there is a bird sanctuary where we can see egrets, dowitchers, and other birds during autumn months. They came all the way from Russia, China, and other northern countries, escaping the cold winter months.

    Beautiful shots as usual. 🙂


  5. Your photographs are quite beautiful. A pleasure to look at.
    I see that these were taken at the Salton Sea — not sure if this is your “holler”. My sister lived out there for decades on the North Shore.


  6. Oh wow, are those snow geese in the latter photo’s? We lived near a lake that was on their migration path from the north. There would be thousands staying for a month or so. Sadly, that lake completely disappeared. No rain, just drought for too many years. Sadly for us and them, I don’t think it’ll ever recover. I think your little yellowleg is quite charming. There’s so much life going on when you live by the water. I really miss it at times.


    • Those are snow geese, thousands of them wintering here. They are such beautiful birds and you know the incredible sound when thousands of them take off at once. Incredible! The lake evaporation near you is just so sad, for the birds that relied on it, and the humans who were uplifted by them. No words, just sorry~

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