I just went to visit my daughter Dre,

in Pacific Grove California.

The roads were downright Hollerific,
with scenery just like Hollerdom.
There were Hollerish folks,

like this army veteran who loves butterflies and Hillary Clinton. (You have to play, “Where’s Hillary? and look for her in the first butterfly house photo. Click to enlarge to see her clearly!)
The critters were different,
but it’s nice to know there are Hollers everywhere,
with creative folks, living in natural places, with wild animals,
that are protected.
Cheers to you from Dre’s Holler~
For more info on the PG Butterfly House check out: http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/article/NE/20150316/NEWS/150319767

227 thoughts on “Hollerific~

  1. What a gas! I once lived seaside and there’s something there, like a sense of being on a perpetual vacation, that seems to encourage things like the butterfly house. We have our hollers here in Maine, too. There are probably hollers everywhere…..

    1. Thank God for Hollers and the people who live in them. There is something pretty amazing about a person who defies public opinion and creates a space wholely reflective of themself. I love it, but lack the courage and inspiration!

  2. Beautiful photos of the beach, the butterfly house, and the trail, … Cindy! Happy to know people there are protect wild animals.
    Sounds like you had a great time visiting your daughter. πŸ™‚

    1. It is really heartening to see the return of seals, sea lions and otters after the passage of The Marine Mammal Protection Act. When I was a kid they were pretty much obliterated.

    1. California’s coastline becomes impossibly scenic once you hit Big Sur. As a born and bred SoCaly I have to admit the central coast is hands down the most beautiful.

      1. We love that neck of the woods! For 18 years we trekked up to the Monterey/Santa Cruz area to attend family camp at Mt Hermon just outside Felton and Roaring Camp off of hwy 17. Such great memories!

  3. When it comes to places to live, your daughter has great taste too! Must run in the family Cindy! I’ve never been to this part of California so I’m glad to see it here to pique my interest in making a trip someday. Look at that laid-back beach and countryside, culture, and wildlife! <3

    1. I agree with you Lynn as always! What more could one want? Countryside, culture and wildlife! It works for me too as you well know! I hope you do go and drive up through Big Sur. It’s a nice trip from SB.

  4. Looks beautiful! Wow that house is something else! Very colorful! Boo I couldn’t find Hillary! I shall have to look closer! Hugz Lisa and Bear

      1. I was playing for sure, Cindy… but it was as an adult. (grin) That’s how old I am. I did, however, play on beaches in the area as a child. That would have been in the 50s. My grandparents lived in several towns along the coast and my grandfather loved to ocean fish. We got to go along and play. It’s where my love of the ocean got its start. –Curt

  5. Happy place, Cindy – hope the visit with Dre was a great time also. She’s probably too old for butterfly kisses but I guess one cannot help but keep them coming and going πŸ˜€

  6. Just lovely, Cindy! I’ve missed your blog…been crazy busy, but I’m looking forward to catching up on all your posts! Be well and have a wonderful summer! πŸ™‚

    1. Oh my God, I just love the amplification of made up words! Thank you! The english language is ridiculous. I was an eng lit major before switiching to psych. The rules make zero sense and I love messing around with the language. Thank you for increasing the repetorie of now very valid words! <3 <3

  7. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    One of the most amazing trips David and I made was the from San Diego to Seattle.. I love that whole coastline and found several places by the sea that I would have very happily settled. Cindy Knoke visited her daughter in California and of course could not resist finding just the perfect examples of this wonderful coastline.. That seal had done this before.. my right side.. just my right side..

    1. Cracking up about the seal! They are pretty hilarious to watch! They have the non-stressful lifestyle down pat. Your trip sounds wonderful. I have never driven that entire stretch of coastline and imagine it must have been glorious. Hugs to you my dear friend Sally! <3 <3

    1. Of the three coastal sisters, Carmel, Monterey and Pacific Grove, PG is my favorite. Monterey is too crowded and Carmel too snooty, much like my hometown of La Jolla. Pacific Grove is more low-key and unspoiled and of course the near-coastal rural areas are my hands down favorites. You have the beach and the empty, natural, peace.

  8. I love the butterfly house…and the seal (baby sea lion?) is too cute! Amazing how big they get…I’ve seen Steller’s sea lions up close, and they are massive.

    I hope that you had a nice visit – it looks as if you did!

  9. Aww, so your daughter found another Holler which looks fun and amazing, filling in any holes or gaps in her missing the real Holler where heart will always be, in spirit. Lovely, Cindy. <3

  10. I love Pacific Grove and the Elkhorn Slough. Your photos of the harbor seals were especially fantastic, Cindy, but all were fun. And I saw Hillary! Made me laugh. Thanks for this great post, I’m glad you had a pleasant time with your daughter.

  11. I love your photos as always, Cindy, and the gracious thoughts that go with them. Beautiful land and sea, beautiful people and creatures are everywhere if we look πŸ™‚ You left me with a smile.

  12. Pacific Grove is beautiful. I love that tribute to Hillary in the Butterfly House photo! What a funky place! The seals do look different from others that I’ve seen.

  13. How blessed your daughter is to live in such a beautiful place (and you to visit there Cindy!!) We went to Pacific Grove on our honeymoon (41 years ago!) and have sweet memories of that place…

  14. Really enjoyed this trip. I particularly love the colorful Butterfly house and the adorable seal. Incredible photos. Happy you got to see your daughter and had a wonderful time!

    1. The seals are pretty adorable aren’t they! They know the best approach to life, a good meal and a loooooong siesta! Be well Nancy and thank you for stopping by~

  15. Hello Cindy. Don’t know how else to communicate. I’m honoured that you’re following snippetsandsnaps, because your posts are so photographically splendid. However I need to tell you that that blog is in recess till mid-March 2017 while I’m living in Warsaw. I’d hate you to think I’m a lazy poster!

    By the way, I love your tag-line. I caught myself thinking the other day “I’ll have to go to that train museum. (Train museum???? Me??) It would make a good post.”

    1. Thank you for such kind thoughts and have a wonderful time in Warsaw, a city I want to visit to honor my Polish grandmother. And I agree, train museums are always fascinating! πŸš†

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